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7 June 1968
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Woot! I've finally got around to creating my new journal - this is going to be a fandom journal, primarily, since my RL and fannish interests have gotten a bit too close of late. This is going to be the place I squee, post fic and randomly rec things I see that might be worth passing on. I'm a slash fan, so if that offends, please move along, nice to have met you.

At the moment the fandoms I'm most interested in are Torchwood and Merlin, but I never really leave a fandom behind, so I'm still extremely fond of Stargate Atlantis, Lord of the Rings and Blake's 7, if no longer writing very much for them. Having said that though, the last three fics I wrote (at the time of creation of this journal) were from the Philadelphia Story, House, and Brokeback Mountain, so really it's potluck! :)

If you want more boring Real Life (TM), by the way, I'm over at teawith.

(New header! Courtesy of reaching4light and my own poor html skillz! I make attempts at writing - I can't program to save my life :)