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It's back!

This is the first time I've been able to get on to my account in a week! I've occaisionally been able to read specific journals if I don't log in but this is the first time I can see my lovely flist or my own posts. It's so nice to see everyone!

Still. However annoying this is, I'm not going to leave lj over it, because in a small way, just by staying here we're all sticking up for free speech - and that makes me happy.

(I also got a fair amount of writing done in the downtime, although still nowhere near as much as I wanted :)
Philadelphia Story - Unexpected Depth

Back to the grindstone

Just the first day back at work - I've had a week off pottering at home, doing bits of DIY, day trips, cinema, that sort of thing. Ah, I hear you ask, why not post to lj on your week off - well, I would but I'm more bored now :)

Anyway, may I recommend the Cult of Beauty exhibition at the V&A? I did love it, but I'm fond of the period - sort of 1860-1900. I particularly like the early Pre-Raphaelite stuff which has a huge energy and freshness to it. Oh, and a lot of sex, but that's hardly going to put anyone off, now, is it? :) It's a mixed media exhibition, so it's really nice to see paintings, next to furniture, next to textiles, next to wallpaper! Brilliant stuff.
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I have been reading of peeps Kindlarising their fic and their favourites and their recs and I am jealous - it reads as pretty easy to do too, and that makes a difference to me. As is often the case with new tech, the fact it's useful for my fannish interests makes me tip over into 'do' as opposed to just 'thinking about' :) So as my birthday prezzie to myself I think I will get myself a Kindle. My question though is, do I need a Kindle with 3G or just with wifi? Guys, those of you with Kindles - is the 3G really useful, on the move as it were? Or since I can download any new fic or books from the wifi at home, is that good enough?

glitterboy1? Thank you so much for my prezzie - guess what I'm going to use it on! :)

Posting question?

Hmm. Having finally posted the little piece of Carlos/Edgar fic I've been working on, I went to post it to a community and realised I had no idea if there was an appropriate one. Merlin peeps, can you think of an appropiate place? It's not directly Merlin related, is the problem, but it's not RPS either... Any ideas?

The Private Life of Us, Carlos/Edgar (PG-13)

Title: The Private Life of Us
Author: valderys
Pairing: Carlos/Edgar
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,147
Warning: Implied dub-con
Notes: This has been percolating around in my head ever since watching Colin in 'Our Private Life' a few times. I consider Carlos to be an extremely inspirational character - particularly in the red apron, and I'm only sorry it's taken until now for fic to make its way out of my brain :)
Summary: Carlos and his boss at the grill don't really have a relationship at all.

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Writing Muscle Strain

Just a quick - she's still alive! post. Goodness, I'm having to write a lot at the mo - usual fic commitments, a freeform game to write for 32 people before November, a job application (first one of those for a while), another freeform game that I shouldn't be editing but really want to (but in fact, have not yet done so because I promised all my creative time to Avalon, the big game). My creative bits feel all strained and tired. Can that happen? I obviously need mental tiger balm :)
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Pierrefonds Day 5

Except not really - there was nothing to see today, the crew had to clear out absolutely everything because there is going to be a wedding in the castle tomorrow - so there's an idea for a couple of rich soon-to-be-wed Merlin fans :)

So instead, have my pics from yesterday including quite a decent amount of shirtless Gawaine...
Merlin - did I leave the gas on?

Pierrefonds Day 4

I'm posting this early in case I don't get pics up in time - just a little report on the day. Today was one big fight scene outside the castle on the grass, which is always used for sparring and training fights, but there was also a set up shot for... Collapse )