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The Year in Fic Meme

Well, I am continuing my 'not quite as prolific or as happy about my writing' theme which I started last year. Although this year I at least have a culprit to blame in that I wrote a lot for my freeform larp game The Lists of Avalon. This ate into my time and into my creativity - I've noticed that I have a finite well of creativity and when it's dry, that's your lot, I'm afraid to say. This year fic writing suffered but the game ended up being enjoyed by 32 ofl its 33 players, so that's good at least! :)

I was also unsuccessful for the first time in my self-appointed task to write a minimum of one fic a month, by failing to post anything in November - but since that's when the game ran I'm forgiving myself :)


Get Up, Stand Up, Lotrips. Billy/Orlando, Billy/Dom, Billy/Elijah, PG
On the Northern pubs and clubs circuit, it's a tough crowd for a small-time stand-up comedian like Billy Boyd - but with mates he can rely on, it'll turn out ok.
Word Count: 3,874

Fashionistas, Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, PG
On the eve of London’s Fashion Week, top designer Artorius is short one model - and Merlin is looking for a job.
Word Count: 3,731


Not Exactly Tourette's, 10 O'Clock Live RPF, David Mitchell/Charlie Brooker, PG
When Charlie's behaviour becomes odder than usual, David worries it's something he's done...
Word Count: 1,000


Karma's a Bitch, Misfits, Simon/Alisha, PG
Alisha’s not that good a girl. Who says she’s not been experimenting with her power? Everybody else has fucked things up - it’s kind of her turn.
Word Count: 887

Who Am I?, Les Miserables, Jean Valjean/Javert, R
In the guise of Monsieur Madeleine, Jean Valjean is gradually losing himself under a sugary pile of good deeds. But Javert knows Valjean’s true self - given that temptation, how can Valjean stay away?
Word Count: 2,673


Star Stuff, Sarah Jane Adventures, Luke/Clyde preslash, G
After the passing of Sarah Jane Smith, Clyde helps Luke to understand.
Word Count: 1,031


The Private Life of Us, Our Private Life (play), Carlos/Edgar, PG-13
Carlos and his boss at the grill don't really have a relationship at all.
Word Count: 2,147


Writer's Room, Lotrips, Billy/Dom, PG, AU
Billy is an author who has had his book optioned for a screenplay, and Dom is the house writer who’s been ordered to work with him in order to get the script in shape. Together they fight crime! Together they work surprisingly well together...
Word Count: 5,695


Cradle Will Fall, Inception, Eames/Arthur, PG
How complicated could it get? Eames only wanted to give Arthur a birthday present...
Word Count: 3,389


Home by the Sea, Inception, Eames/Arthur, PG-13
Arthur wasn't expecting the end of the world to be so peaceful. Or for Mal to turn out to be right. Except she isn't, not really, she's still just as screwed up as she ever was. There's only one man Arthur can count on, if only he can find him - it really is the collapse of civilisation, if Arthur has begun to miss Eames.
Word Count: 9,783


White Linen, Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Lancelot/Gwen, PG-13, AU
There's nothing quite like a wedding in Philadelphia - for Merlin Emrys, reporter, writer and all around nice guy, it's a chance to become more than the hack he's been reduced to. And for Arthur Pendragon, rich, spoilt and trying to do the right thing, it's a chance to atone. If only he can get over his own prejudices...
Word Count: 5,033


Five Times Sarah-Jane was Awesome in the Year That Never Was, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Luke/Clyde, PG, AU
Martha Jones wasn't the only one that walked the Earth at the end of the world - or bits of it, anyway.
Word Count: 4,215




A Little Wine For Thy Heart's Sake, Inception, Eames/Arthur, PG-13, AU
For a one night stand Eames is astoundingly persistent. How dare a man who Arthur met quite by chance also just happen to work in the exact same niche criminal enterprise? Arthur doesn't believe in coincidence, but the truth may be something even more impossible.
Word Count: 8,163

Great Marlborough Street, Hanover Street, David Halloran/Paul Sellinger preslash, G
Halloran looked up, and wouldn't you know it, he was standing on the corner of Hanover Street. What was it about this place that his feet just unknowingly took him here?
Word Count: 2,744

Love in a Cold Climate, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), Peter Guillam/Richard, Ricki Tarr/Irina, George Smiley/Ann Smiley, PG
People love and are loved in so many different ways. In the hotbed that is the Cold War, these are just some of them.
Word Count: 1,571

So this year I have written 55,936 words over 15 stories in 10 fandoms. This is slightly less than two thirds what I wrote last year sadly, but I bet I wrote at least the difference in Avalon, although it's hard to tell as there were three of us writing it.

My favorite story of this year: Hard choice this year, as I'm really quite fond of lots of them - and that makes a pleasant change for me! However I am going to say White Linen, because I love the Philadelphia Story and it was pure pleasure to adapt it for the Merlin universe.

My best story this year: I think technically my best is Get Up, Stand Up because I kept a slightly stream of consciousness style going throughout, that I really like the voice for. Also ran's include White Linen, Home by the Sea and Five Times Sarah-Jane was Awesome because I really liked how they all came out.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I could say Great Marlborough Street but since the movie Hanover Street has never had a fandom it might be a little unfair, because it's not like I expected a lot of attention for that fic! :) Maybe Writer's Room - although again Lotrips fandom is hardly dynamic at the mo, so I might be being unfair. Though Take a Little Wine for Thy Heart's Sake was surprisingly undercommented, as it were, for an Inception fic.

Most fun story: Another hard choice :) Maybe Fashionistas, because it's so silly, or maybe the Private Life of Us which I wrote for the pure pleasure of it because I know there's barely a fandom for a little indie play! Although the story isn't fun so much as angsty so perhaps the category isn't appropriate.

Most sexy story: Hee. My porn quotient is going downhill! Especially since I only wrote one thing for kink_bingo this year. My only sexy story, judging from the oh so reliable rating system, is Who Am I? and that's only an R. I'm slipping.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Well, as I wrote them for dark_fest perhaps it's not surprising that I'll name Karma's A Bitch and Who Am I? for this category :)

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: I don't really have one here - there's fic that crystallised something about them for me though so that will have to do. And for me that would be The Private Life of Us and a little bit Five Times Sarah-Jane is Awesome.

Hardest story to write: Yikes. That's nearly all the longer ones as I'm finding it a struggle to write anything long at the moment. I think I need a new and exciting fandom to re-energise me, but that's not on the cards, so. Maybe A Little Wine for Thy Heart's Sake? Which was a bit like pulling teeth because it was a premise I wasn't entirely happy with that only just matched my recipient's requests anyway, so difficult all round, really.

Biggest Disappointment: Nope, not going to be negative - I expected this year to be low in numbers and it was. But there was a good reason for it.

Biggest Surprise: Well, people liked Five Times Sarah-Jane is Awesome much more than I expected, so that was nice. To talk about a peripheral thing - I am constantly surprised by how much kudos I still get on Coincidence and Collectible (my Sherlock fics written in the first two weeks after Sherlock first aired). I suppose the moral is that writing fic so soon in a fandom gets real notice - which I could have guessed, but the proof is pleasant!

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: Maybe Not Exactly Tourette's - which I loved a lot and really think it has their voices, to blow my own trumpet :) Or maybe Star Stuff - except that the emotion I tried to put in wasn't unintentional, so I'm not sure it counts.

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to: Ooh, I don't have one! I want to write more Inception, because although I'm late to the party, I don't think I've quite got out all I want to say. I'm sure I'll write a Merlin fic or two because I do still love it, even though the fannish love is waning somewhat. I might dip my toe in the Sherlock waters again, maybe. (Irene Adler is very interesting - I'm not sure I like her, but she's interesting.) Not sure otherwise. I really want a new fandom, but it's not like you can whistle one up, just like that!

Anyway, that's my year in fic. I know that this year I'm going to be helping to write another big larp game, Once Upon a Fairytale, so if I don't write much fic this year either, I refuse to beat myself up about it - as long as I'm writing at all, I think everything's going to be ok!
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