Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Yuletide and Lists of Avalon

Yay, Yuletide is almost here, sign-ups will be going up real soon now :) And I can finally allow myself to get excited about writing for Christmas challenges, because my big freeform RPG game that I've been writing (a theatre-style larp in US parlance) is about to be run. We packed the game at the weekend, so it's now completely out of my hands - we can't do any more fact-checking, plot inconsistencies, or re-writes any more. Which means I get some fannish writing time back *collapses in heap*

I'm quite excited about how it will be received, although worried about the number of rules mechanics we've had to put in - I still can't believe I've written a game that has any quite frankly, as I hate them! *sigh* There's a tourney with jousting and archery and stuff so I suppose some are needed. I really hope it goes well... *crosses fingers*
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