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I have been reading of peeps Kindlarising their fic and their favourites and their recs and I am jealous - it reads as pretty easy to do too, and that makes a difference to me. As is often the case with new tech, the fact it's useful for my fannish interests makes me tip over into 'do' as opposed to just 'thinking about' :) So as my birthday prezzie to myself I think I will get myself a Kindle. My question though is, do I need a Kindle with 3G or just with wifi? Guys, those of you with Kindles - is the 3G really useful, on the move as it were? Or since I can download any new fic or books from the wifi at home, is that good enough?

glitterboy1? Thank you so much for my prezzie - guess what I'm going to use it on! :)
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