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Pierrefonds Day 2

Today was a little bit more exciting. We saw a good amount of Rupert, Angel and Tommy, and fleeting glimpses of Bradley, Colin and Eoin. There was also a lot of action with the extras!

The scenes we saw filmed were first, Elyan and Leon riding in hell for leather, dismounting and running inside. This was mightily amusing for the terrible Sir Leon-a-like, who didn't look like Rupert at all, although Elyan's riding double did ok.

Then we got Gwen coming out and looking after some distressed peasants - probably some kind of Camelot refugees. This was the first time for me seeing Gwen's new dress and I like it a lot! Much nicer than the bodice type dresses she's had recently. More in period keeping.

Then we had a bunch of guards lining up again and again in order to composite a huge great line of them in post-production. They had to keep moving along, on two sides of a corridor made up of blue rope. Then we had a bunch of peasants (who I assume were refugees) coming along the ssame marked corridor previously made up of guards. I think a huge line of peasants may also be composited, but this was a little harder to make out.

Then around the same time we had a quick glimpse of Bradley and Colin heading up to film in the corridor above the banqueting hall which you aren't allowed in - and Colin was in Old Merlin make up! I missed Bradley but have a couple of shots of Colin.

Later on, J. overheard a little of an episode read-through that was being conducted in a newly convened Meeting Room, and we're pretty sure they were going to film Old Merlin in the village after 6.00pm.

There's probably more but I'm knackered and can't think :) My pics are here.
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