Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Weekend Loveliness

I should have done this yesterday really but was enjoying lazing around too much :) I will post a link to photos soon though.

Because Saturday was the lovely Merlin cast at Kapow, as many are aware, and they were on entirely decent form, although Bradley was looking tired (long shooting I expect) and Colin was apparently running late. I finally got some of my own photos signed at last, as it was the first time we could, but I did feel bad - if I hadn't been paranoid and got there ridciulously early, I wouldn't have had anything signed at all, as they didn't get through much of the line in the end. Angel was quite smiley for once, so that was nice, and Katie was as lovely as ever - but it was completely manic, to the extent that I didn't even notice that Katie had personalised her signature to me without asking for my name (!) I think that's lovely, right? Not worrying... *bites lip*

It was great to see many folks again too, and afterwards myself, yavannauk and complicat had a wonderful relaxing meal - which was necessary for me after all the standing, because my second part of a great day was going to see Frankenstein at the NT.

I'd already seen NT Live, so I had a fair idea of what to expect, and throughly enjoyed it with the leads the other way around. On Saturday night I saw Jonny Lee Miller as the creature and Benedict Cumberbatch as Victor. Now it seemed to me that Benedict seemed a little under the weather and his voice was not as clear as it could be, so it might be that, but I must admit I preferred it at NT Live when Benedict was the creature, and Jonny as Victor. Jonny was more insane and intense as Victor, and Benedict was weirder in his physicality as the creature. And the bell is really annoying in person, and much more atmospheric via video link. I think I will go back to other NT Live shows, I really enjoyed it.
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