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My Private Life with Colin Morgan

I'm sorry it's been a few days, and really I ought to squee about it, because it is fantastic, and Colin is brilliant in it, but I let myself down on opening night, which is why it's taken a day or two to get around to it :) I didn't let myself down in a massive way, just cocked up the tickets I bought, so instead of buying 11th Feb, I apparently bought 11th March. Doh! So there I was - and believe me the staff at the Royal Court are lovely - unable to get a ticket but very kindly being allowed to sit on a bar stool outside the auditorium and watch the play on the monitor. It was grainy and b&w, but I got good sound :)

I have since been back to see it properly, and can therefore review, at least briefly, since there have been loads of good reviews already!

It's not an easy play, and only just counts as the dark comedy it's billed as - it's quite harsh really, and you laugh, but then feel guilty that you are laughing, because it's a play about paedophilia, mostly. And dysfunctional families.

But let's squee first. Colin plays Carlos, who is a vegetarian, gay, bi-polar compulsive fantasist! You couldn't make it up :) I want to write for Carlos, if I thought anyone would be interested enough. He's got a lovely sly wit, and I have to say *iz shallow* Colin is ridiculously hot in his brown skinny jeans and longer, messier, curlier hair. He has a bit of beard scruff too. I am a bad woman.

As for the rest - think all the cast are brilliant in their performances, and it's a rather well balanced play, in that no-one escapes blame, although some are much worse than others. Whether the father is guilty or not informs the whole, and the audience is kept guessing, especially as they've changed a line from the first performance to make it more ambiguous. But you do find out in the end, which I like, because these experimental plays can be quite frustrating sometmes in their ambiguity :)

My only complaint is a small one - the cast's accents are all over the place! :) The Dad is Welsh, the ex-farm worker Tania is Irish, Colin sounds sort-of Mockney? The rest are RP, even Tania's son Joaquin - and considering the play is set in Columbia, I don't see a reason for any accent shift, and it jarred a bit for me.

Still. I'm going again, I may pick up on more nuances next time... :)
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