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SGA Review

WAH! I don't even particularly like Carson, and now my stomach hurts, and my cushion's all pulled out of shape from the hiding behind it and the squishing, and, well. Damn.

I'd not been totally spoiled, you see. I knew there were bad things coming, but didn't know the specifics - I'm not sure it made it any better. Although, unlike some of my flist, I didn't mind the exploding tumours - perfectly happy to handwave them. What I didn't like was Carson not hassling himself and his assistant and the patient out of the infirmary as soon as the bloody thing was out of Watson. Stupid, Carson, stupid!

I thought the bagpipes were a bit much too - though I can totally see why they used them. But it flashed me back to the horribly cheesy Spock's funeral at the end of The Wrath of Kahn, and spoiled the mood a touch for me.

If the horrible 'you're all dooomed' feeling hadn't been looming, the rest of the episode would have been great. Although the possible John/Teyla canon shipping was a bloody pain in the arse.

John - divorced!
Rodney/Katie - aww, sweet (although, grump, what about John, eh? Forgot your boyfriend, did you?)
John/Ronon - "Or a man?" *squeee*
Radek - trades! Massage!
Lorne - painting!

I feel there's hardly any need to go on.

I do wonder whether the writer's were putting every fan-girl's Mary Sue into Katie brown this ep though. And maybe their own confusion at McKay's fangirl army into Rodney's mouth too. Which actually reconciles me to the whole thing a lot more.

Anyway. Cute. Sad. Sweet. Sniff.

My stomach hurting from the tension in many ways is an excellent review all on its own.
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