Valderys (valderys) wrote,

End of the Year Meme

Hey, I'm on a roll!

My favorite story of this year: I think that’s probably Silence, although it’s a hard choice. I’d been itching to write a little Ennis and Jack, ever since watching Brokeback Mountain, and the Highway Miles Challenge gave me the excuse. I don’t know why I need a challenge or reason to write fic these days, but I do seem to need that impetus – I think it’s the deadlines. Pity really – my Workplace would love it if I could meet them there, but they’re out of luck :) Anyway. It’s my favourite. The piece flowed, and Ennis sat on my shoulder and whispered. It was all good.

My best story this year: For me, I’d say Moving to the Country is probably my best. It was quite hard to write, and took a bit of blood and sweat, but the think the end result is rather good, if I’m allowed to say so. It came together well. It makes me proud. Not to say that there aren’t many other fics that also do so – bits of White Rabbit for example, and Look Back in Irritation. Concubia Nocte is technically quite decent. Still. My money is on Moving to the Country.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: This is a pair of fics - Fool’s Gold and Nevermore, both fic for The Philadelphia Story – not that they weren’t appreciated very much by their recipients, they were! But it’s not a big fandom :) I love it – it’s one of my favourite films, and I’m just trying to share the love.

Most fun story: Difficult this. I don’t write humour very often. It’s probably a toss up between Dragged and White Rabbit. There’s some tension in White Rabbit – but who can’t love Grant talking to his imaginary friend? And Dragged is just one big joke :) (There’s also The Very Secret Diaries… Atlantis Style!, but that was such hard work to write, that I’m not sure it counts)

Most sexy story: Aargh. This is also difficult. I think it’s Silence, since for me, it was a very visceral experience writing it, so it feels sexy to me, but then, I don’t write porn very often. Silence is certainly not explicit in any way, so maybe it doesn’t count? The only explicit fic I wrote all this year was Shaping the Sky, so I’m including that for completeness.
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