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Fic round-up for the year

I know this is a little bit late, but I started it ages ago, and only just got around to finishing all the coding.

For Yuletide:
It happens like this - SGA RPS, David/Joe, light R
"What's it like?" Joe asks, and David looks at him oddly.
"It's only kissing," he says, "Just with a man. It's no different."
Word Count: 971

Nevermore - The Philadelphia Story, Dexter/Mike, PG
Dexter thinks about his own temptations, as Mike rants about Sidney Kidd's indiscretions.
Word Count: 1,102

Lavender and Old Spice - Life On Mars, Teamfic, G
They use 'Lost and Found' for an interview room, and Sam brings in his own tape recorder. What else has to be improvised in 1973?
Word Count: 1,935

For Slashababy:
Dear Boys - Lotrips, Ian M./Everybody, PG
Ian is just a terrible old flirt, really...
Word Count: 3,118

For Undermistletoe:
Concubia Nocte - SGA, McKay/OMC, McKay/Sheppard, PG
John’s upset enough when he discovers his friend, Dr Ingram, collapsed on his return to Earth, but that’s nothing compared to how disturbed he is when he learns who’s brought him home…
Word Count: 7,994

For HobbitSmut:
Birthday Present - LotR, Merry/Frodo, PG, character death
Everything at Bag End is perfect, isn’t it? But wouldn’t you know - the devil’s always in the details.
Word Count: 3,380

Which is a real shame, because this was the last thing I wrote for HobbitSmut, before the community was closed – although of course it still exists as an archive. I loved writing this com, and it did a stirling job, and there are many of us who will miss it terribly.

Keep It Simple - Traders/Thoughtcrimes, Brendan/Grant, PG13
When a mercenary army turns terrorist, the NSA are called in to investigate. But it’s just another job for Agent Brendan Dean and his partner Freya, because, after all – what could possibly happen to them in Canada?
Word Count: 8,884


Justice - SGA, Gen, PG, character death
Michael kept wanting to laugh, because at least this was a decision, and he’d thought them incapable of that. He quite enjoyed being wrong.
Word Count: 1,599

White Rabbit - SGA/Traders, McShep preslash, PG,
A slightly odd derivatives trader drives all his colleagues wild when he introduces them to his pal, John. John is a 6’ 2” Colonel in the US Air Force. Oh yes, and he’s also invisible.
Word Count: 8,866

Heir Today - LotR, Merry/Frodo, PG
Merry gets up close and personal with the Family Tree.
Word Count: 1,992

Dragged - Lotrips/Hetty Wainthropp, G
“Dominic,” said Patricia, with a suspicious blankness to her voice, “What do you look like?”
Word Count: 587

Happiness is… - SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG
Word Count: 865

Moving to the Country - House, Chase/Foreman, R, character death
Diagnosis isn’t always cure.
Word Count: 3,349

Fool’s Gold - The Philadelphia Story, Mike/Dexter, G
“Dext,” Mike asks, because it’s that kind of a moment, and that kind of a night, “What does the C.K. stand for?”
Word Count: 926

Silence - Brokeback Mountain, Ennis/Jack, PG-13
The sun gleamed red…
Word Count: 1,327

Look Back in Irritation - SGA, McKay/Zelenka, PG-13
In which Radek is annoyed with Rodney. A lot. But then Rodney is a very annoying man.
Word Count: 3,385

Betrayal of Interest - Blake’s 7, Avon/Blake, G
“Get out,” said Avon, a split second after he looked up and absorbed exactly who had pushed the door open with its usual soft shushing sound.
Word Count: 3,448

Counterpoint - SGA, Sheppard/Beckett, PG
Tag for Duet. Carson takes his troubles to a fellow professional.
Word Count: 2,459

Shaping the Sky - SGA, Rodney/Ronon, NC-17
PWP. “Yes, yes, I’m entirely familiar with the concept of ‘take one for the team’ – but excuse me if I hadn’t anticipated the necessity for it here!”
Word Count: 2,783

Anxiety - SGA, PG
You are what you eat…
Word Count: 1,388

Driving Ambition - Lotrips, Dom/Evi, Dom/Billy, PG
Dom watches Evi when she drives.
Word Count: 1,483

A Bill Too Big for Your Purse - LotR, G
A moment in time as Sam contemplates Ted Sandyman.
Word Count: 1,541

The Very Secret Diaries… Atlantis Style! - SGA, crack-fic, PG
Excerpts have come to light of the innermost thoughts of selected members of the Atlantis team. You have been warned :)
Word Count: 644

Overall, I’ve written 64,026 words for 23 fics in 11 different fandoms – I don’t think that’s too bad :) It’s a small novel, at least. Although, this was what I wrote over the entire year, and it was a struggle at times. This is why I’m never going to do NaNoWriMo!
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