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Yuletide is very nearly here! Yay, I am very excited, as I always am, and there will be lots of cogitating on what I'm going to ask for, because I haven't nearly decided. I won't ask for Mitchell and Webb this year though, as dafnagreer has written for me two years in a row, and I feel terribly greedy, but otherwise, regarding what I will ask for, I'm at a loss. I think I might chance Oliver! again, and maybe Downton Abbey? Hmm. Will have to think some more.

Also, I hope all the naysayers who have been getting irate about the Yuletide mods oppressing their tiny/not so tiny fandoms are satisfied. There is a big explanatory post up on yuletide today, which certainly makes me understand more about the pressures they're under, and the reasons for the decisions they have taken. Honestly, I'd like to see the people who are moaning organise a fic exchange for over four thousand people! Just. Cut them some slack, guys.
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