Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Proud of the BBC - spreading the word

This is something that was pointed out to me yesterday and I think it's rather worthwhile. Personally I am rather upset that the BBC is so beleagued at the moment and I'd like to support it, if I can. I am genuinely afraid that the BBC we know and love today may not last the course - it's surrounded by enemies all trying to pull it down and feast on the corpse.

Anyway, a comedian by the name of Mitch Benn, best known for his comic songs on The Now Show, feels similarly and has written a rather good and funny song and issued it as a single. It's called Proud of the BBC, but it will never get played unless we buy it and get it into the charts. The BBC can't because it's promotion, and ITV and Sky and such won't want to - because it's promotion.

If you would like to support the BBC in this way go here, watch the video, even buy the t-shirt if it floats your boat. Oh, and buy the song on itunes and Amazon.

Be proud of your BBC!

(BTW Mitch is a poor comedian with a family to support so I hope you don't mind helping to feed them too:)
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