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Merlin at the BFI

Along with the rest of world (well, our corner of it :) I was at the Merlin BFI preview with lots of other fans yesterday, and I'm not going to post pics because, due to the light levels I reckon, I haven't any non-blurry ones. Apart from ones of Colin's arse on the stairs, but that seems remarkably shallow even for me, so I don't think I shall post them!

As I'm sure many have already said, the two eps were brilliant - much better than last year. They had a very Lord of the Rings feel in places, even to the swirl of a particular bit of the music, although the CGI was ropier, I have to say. But the emotional beats worked extremely well, and there was lots of lovely dramatic tension. Morgana has turned 'evil' now and it works better than her rubbish turn last year where they didn't seem to know how to write her character any more. Merlin riding the dragon was lovely, although since it was at the expense of the 'villain' Morgause walking away from Merlin in chains, rather than just knifing him then and there, I was a little disappointed. In discussion in the pub later though, I can't remember who said it now, but the idea was put forward that Morgause wanted Merlin to suffer for poisoning Morgana, rather than just killing him, and so left him for the scorpions - whose bite is a nasty way to go one assumes - and that does make sense, so that is my canon now! :)

The BFI event itself, btw, was good fun and felt upbeat and friendly. And not perfuntory, like it felt last year. They gave us the whole foyer with stalls in - there were posters, and merch, and costumes from the series, and a Make Your Own Spell table with a lovely lass from Oxford Uni, who was an anglo-saxonist and had done translations for all the spells she could think of. Oh, and I got there early, so I helped the merch stand set up because it turned out that it was Diane and her daughter Nat, who I first knew back in 1984, through Blake's 7 fandom!

There was also a signing, but I have no stories because I was a babbling mess and kept apologising - too much coffee, I suspect! I had also bought tickets for lucky_jack, crayford and thisissirius plus friends, and was desperately trying to find them! It was a bit manic really! I do remember them saying that the cast hadn't seen these episodes either though, so they were watching from the back as we cheered and sighed and awwed. Although the reaction that gave me chills was the spontaneous collective gasp everyone gave when Arthur sat in Uther's chair for the first time. Lovely.

There were also many, many fangirls - too many to namecheck everyone - but it was lovely to see you all again! *waves* Shall we do it again sometime? :)
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