Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Kink_bingo done!

Yay! I've done it - 'Gentleman of Quality' finishes my kink_bingo for this year! Whew. And while it's always satisfying to finish a challenge, and I'm glad it's done, I must admit, I may not do it again next year - that's two years I've managed to complete my bingo, but it was significantly more like pulling teeth this year as compared to last - and I suspect I only managed so well because I gained a new fandom in the middle :) Kink is not my forte, basically. But then, I can't find a bingo that is - hc_bingo makes me shudder and schmoop_bingo is even worse. The commnity is pink with little hearts and flowers. And I know that is the point, and all power to their elbow, of course - but it's SO not for me. smirnoffmule? Any chance of a Dark bingo? :)
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