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02 January 2007 @ 07:46 pm
Yuletide round-up  
First post of the new year, and I think, as is traditional, that it shall be a round-up. First of all, the secret santa stuff that I wrote, both for yuletide, and for slashababy, although the Slashababy details are here over at my Lotrips lj valerienne.

This was my first year writing for Yuletide, and it’s been so much fun, knowing I’m part of such a far-reaching fandom community. I mean over a thousand stories. Just. Wow.

And then I got one of my favourite OTPs written for me as my request. I was so very happy – and I’ve seen the fic recced and was extraordinarily happy about that too, because it really deserves it. So please go read Nature Boy by Bastet. It’s Wat/Chaucer, from A Knight’s Tale, and is such a perfect depiction of both of them. Chaucer’s slightly spiky courtship and Wat’s obliviousness, both of what he really wants, and indeed his own jealousy – I love that. They had such chemistry in the movie – much more than the supposed hero and heroine – and this fic completely reflects that. It’s just brilliant.

Then there is what I wrote in turn. Umm. Well, to start with, my official request was for Life On Mars, and I wrote Lavender and Old Spice, which is gen team fic – with a hint of Sam/Gene pre-slash, if you want to read it that way.

And then the pinch hit and stocking stuffer list came out.

And on Christmas Eve I wrote both Nevermore and It happens like this. I may have got a little carried away :)

Nevermore is a might-have-been scene between Mike and Dext from The Philadelphia Story. It’s PG slash, taking the scene from the Haven mansion and expanding on it a little. I love The Philadelphia Story – it’s one of my favourite movies – and it was one of my own requests, that I ended up writing myself! Let’s face it – The Philadelphia Story fandom is smaller than most :)

It happens like this is Stargate Atlantis RPS, which was another of my requests. I’d had the plot hook for this for a while, but the fever pitch of Yuletide deadlines brought the actual fic to some kind of fruition.

In fact, both my pinch hits virtually wrote themselves. I love it when I get ‘in the zone’ so to speak. It happens less and less these days, so it was lovely to feel the juices flow. I am filled with love for Yuletide. Yes.

I’m also still reading stories. I’m putting a recs list together, but very slowly. But there have been so many posted already, I don’t know if I’ll actually publish it – maybe for my own reference.

Anyway, thank you. To my own writer, and also to all those lovely people who commented on my several stories – it really brightened my holidays!