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21 December 2006 @ 02:32 pm
Remember when...  
Chris Boucher killed Christmas? I do. Yes, it is the 25th anniversary today of Gauda Prime Day, as has been pointed out by kalypso_v and other luminaries of my flist. It was a bit of a shock back then in 1981. There may have been tears. Yes. *shuffles feet*

On the other hand, it did lead me into the wonderful world of fandom, in search of more connection, first to Blake's 7, and then later to many other wonderful shows. I've gained friends. Learned how to write (well, still learning, really :) Went to conventions. Learned the meaning of the words 'to squee'. Taught myself to mix cocktails (although that was really Londo's fault).

Lots of stuff. It's all been good. So, thanks Chris, for killing Christmas - just the one year... :)