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Slightly late to the review party but I have an icon, so I hope I may be forgiven! Wasn't it good!?

I was prepared to like it, but obviously it surpassed that! How wonderfully witty and warm it was! Ooh, I'm all alliterative! I've seen Benedict Cumberbatch in several things now and I must admit this is the one that has impressed me the most. He seems to do attractive arrogance extremely well, and that's what Sherlock Holmes is all about IMO. I must admit Martin Freeman's Watson was slightly more problematic in my head, because I am more used to warming to Watson and admiring Sherlock from a little distance, and I actually found that Watson was the more disconnected to the real world of the two. He's also a killer! I love that! That sounds bad, doesn't it? I suppose I mean that the man this Watson seems to be could have had his teeth drawn given how sanitised our dramas tend to be. And he hasn't! This Watson is actully dangerous, that's brilliant! I suppose I should trust Moffat more, but I've never 100% bought in to that particular myth. And I didn't think his Jekyll was all that. Or Coupling, if you want to know.

Anyway, I'm on the edge of my seat for the next two episodes and wish there were more. And there may be fic... Although I'm not promising!
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