Valderys (valderys) wrote,

The Unbelievable Truth recording

Which was last night - met loads of peeps who I'd first seen at the Channel 4 Alternative Election Night, that was great - and I put slightly more names to faces, although it will still take me a while, I suspect! :) *waves*

David was in reasonably good form, although as a chair he obviously gets to rant rather less, which is a shame. The teams were very funny, although this was the longest recording they'd ever had, apparently, and I do wonder how much of their and our laughter was more to do with hysteria by the end - it was so boiling hot and humid. It was a slog more than a panel show, really!

I love Chris Addison, I really do, he's hugely funny, a biting wit, suffers no fools gladly, a perfect fit for my sense of humour - BUT it was all his fault it went on so long! Well, that and all the extra buzzing Rufus Hound did - it felt like school with rowdy kids and a teacher who can't keep control. Poor David. He even got booed by the audience when he wouldn't give a well-deserved point to Susan Calman, and he looked so shocked I wonder if he's never been booed before.

However, it was all made up for by the long on-going saga of David's metal penis! *glee* (I have no idea if they can broadcast that - I do hope so!)
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