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Pierrefonds Day 5 - last day!

Hoorah! After a whole week in Pierrefonds there was finally a courtyard shoot. There is also a couple of costume spoilers in here, and some more of the tourney shoot – this time some close up shots of the crowd where Merlin and Gaius are standing. Today – my last *sob* - was all sorts of running around, up the hill, down the hill, trying to find the action… But we were rewarded in the last hour of the day with Colin and Bradley running down the courtyard steps! Yay!

Angel arriving - pink dress again! We were told it was going to be a scene with Morgana and with Emilia Fox, but we didn't see it because we kept being chased away from the top windows. Presumably the camera was pointing in their direction...

So we went to watch the tourney - this was the crowd scene with Colin and Richard

The crowd was watching the knights charge down the field - there may be sword fights from horseback when it's edited. Some of the horses have gotten quite feisty - this one broke away later and galloped off in among the base camp trailers

On a break Colin and Ricard are contemplative :)

I snatched a couple of shots despite the window ban - this is of Emilia Fox, I think. We had been told that she has been put into aged make up for the shoot today and looks 80!

Katie! In the new dress which goes under the flowing purple cloak we saw in April, I think.

Evil Sir Oswald (John Hopkins) with Colin and Bradley. Really, Colin's travel mug gets everywhere!

Rehearsing running down the steps to meet Sir Oswald.

Aww, boys.


I love this shot - it was the best one I got of Colin all day *sigh*

Contemplative Bradley

Lovely Colin is lovely! I adore how the sunlight hits him

Manly hand clasp of greeting!

"Really?" thinks Bradley. "Keep smiling," thinks Colin.

I love this one too - I know Bradley isn't checking Colin out, but even so... :)


Manly shoulder squeeze, we all know what that means!

Manly hug of greeting! There was lots of manliness :)

More step action

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