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Pierrefonds Day 3

Third day at Pierrefonds – and I can’t believe my holiday is more than halfway over :( But it has been fun! The filming today consisted of more banquet scene stuff – peeps processed in and then we didn’t see them again except in the (very short) breaks. But we were told there was a second unit filming in the woods, and there would be some filming in the village set later on.

The horse scene that was rehearsed yesterday seemed likely to be continued today, although sadly only after the castle shut – we saw a horsebox outside, and we had been told that Georgia would be following Bradley on horsback through the village.

We also managed to sneak into the dressed banquet set, so there is a picture of that too. Colin was in a teasing mood today, he flipped his umbrella at us, while grinning madly, so all the fans squeaked and scattered like chickens, and then was all smiley on the way out, exclaiming, “Too many photos!” then “Not enough!” as we kept snapping, or in my case didn’t. He was too adorable :)

Richard arriving

Miriam Margolyes was very sweet and came out to announce herself to all the fans and posed for us

Miriam and Georgia getting ready to process

Being adjusted!

Tony and Miriam

This was taken through the open door to the downstairs banqueting hall

Miriam was wonderful!

The feast set up

Angel back in old costume

Colin! Is it my imagination or does he have a new jacket at last? It looks less tatty and darker...

Katie and Miriam - it was very wet today, there were a lot of umbrellas

And another!

Simon Williams also posed for us

Georgia and Miriam - we speculate that Miriam is Georgis's maidservant

Richard on the phone

Tony in best sweeping style!

Tony also posed for a photo op - lovely man!

Something interesting, Simon?

Bradley fights with his umbrella

And is athletic over benches!

Richard was lovely and said hi and even waved as you can see!

Relaxed Simon

Relaxed Tony!

Simon - what are you adjusting!?

I love the way Katie and Tony look here, almost like Uther and Morgana in the good old days

Sorting out umbrellas

Sharing like sisters

Bradley heading off

I love the smirk here

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