Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Pierrefonds today

Lovely day at Pierrefonds today, although we didn't see any filming as they were in the great hall all day shooting a big crowd/celebration thingy. There was some popping in and out however so there are some pics to follow if I can make the frankly abysmal wifi upload them! Gwen has a new dress, and there's a small guest star spoiler which is generally known anyway, I think that's all I'll give away!

There was a lot of walking today - although probably emoting inside - we could hear Geoffrey of Monmouth expounding at one point...

A gratuitous Bradley's arse shot :)

Colin took a 45 minute break up on the balcony at one point

He was mostly reading his script, but sometimes being sociable

Contemplating, thinky, making notes, Colin!

Drinking, travel mug, soy milk latte? Colin

Proper break, reading actual book now Colin

Geoffrey! (I mean Michael)

Distinguished Geoffrey!

All the cast on the way in!

I don't have a good photo of Katie, because she stopped to say hi, and I couldn't keep snapping...

Bradley! Reading! He can't claim that he never reads any more!


Waving his belt around!

Stopping to chat - he's so lovely!

Guest star Georgia May King and Tony


Tony with small child - he's a sucker for the kiddies!

Colin - all of him, not just on the balcony!

So lovely

My only decent shot of Bradley

Angel's new dress

Bodice in close up

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