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Latest Who

Came to it a bit late, given a busy weekend (visiting friends, writing freeform stuff, working for a charity casino as a Blackjack dealer) but I just wanted to say. Well done.

River Song did not annoy me, the weeping angels were still scary, and it was the first episode in which I felt as though Matt Smith was *really* the Doctor, and not just playing dress up. I hope the denouement will live up to it.

One small quibble and an observation. Wasn't Bob's personality and vocal cords being used as a communication device all a bit Silence in the Library? It's a bit early for the Grand Moff to be rehashing his own stuff, isn't it?

And, bloody hell, River has a lot of trust - given how long Amy has waited around (her whole life) for the Doctor to get to the church on time, as it were, I'm not sure I'd like to rely on him arriving in the one minute it takes to die in space. Mind you, life and death situations are the only place it would work with the Doctor, I suspect :)
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