Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Bingo and other things

Ok, I'm thinking of going to see Bingo at Chichester. Patrick Stewart tempted me, but Jason Watkins is in it! I think that's sealed the deal!

I should post more. Things lately include Tony Head in Six Degrees of Separation, working for my mates at Failbetter Games when they ran a puzzle game at the V&A after hours (got half an hour in the Quilts exhibition too, it wasn't enough), watching David Mitchell and assorted types film the Bubble, visiting Blenheim Palce (lived in Oxford for ten years and had never been before), spa day with my best buds, Heaven's Basement et al (a rock gig, really good), and going to the Bull Ring and buying 20 yards of fabric for my C18th pannier dress with sack back. Hee. That was all in the last two weeks. I'm a little bit tired. If anyone wants more details on a particular Thing, I'll tell all in comments...
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