Valderys (valderys) wrote,

SGA, DH, and dogs...

Ok, I should be squeeful yes? There was a new episode of SGA. And I would be, except that it sucked the big one. *sigh*

Do the writer's actually think we like Lucius? Are we meant to jump and down and go 'ooh, look, it's the funny man!' Well, I might if he was actually funny. I'm sure they think he's like Original Trek's Harry Mudd, and the fans should love him, except that he's *so* not as amusing. Or maybe he is exactly that amusing, and, wait - maybe we've all grown up a little since the sixties...

The thing with Kolya. Well, I ask you. The big confrontation. Hello? *looks round* Where was it? Did I miss it? Oh - was the faux Western shoot-out supposed to be the big dramatic ending to three years of angst, and pain. Especially given how reasonable Kolya was being in this episode (for Kolya) - had the months on the run been having an effect? Was he realising finally that might can make right, but only if you've actually got some might to back it up with? I think I'd have preferred it if Sheppard had offered the surrender, Kolya had taken it, and then Sheppard had shot him anyway. *That* would have been angsty and horrific, and full of character development.

On the good side though, we do get the Evel Knieval reference (nice continuity for the fans), and Rodney's adoration of Batman. I think I want to write a fic with Rodney having huge pots of money, and doing clever things with it now...

On the much better side, and what made the day less sucky, was the latest trailer for A Dog's Breakfast, with OMG Nekkid!David, plus fantastic girly screaming and silly ju jitsu in the mud. You can really tell they filmed in January. Anyway. *shuffles feet* Now I have more than a slight yen for David's long smooth thighs...
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