Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Charity and Fun

Just to remind my flist (not that I think most of you need reminding :) that the bidding on help_haiti closes today - I didn't offer fic myself, I thought the money was more important, so I have bid on things. If you're thinking of doing similar you have a couple of hours left in which to do so.

And on Monday, I was visited by the lovely blackbird_song and smirnoffmule, which was very fine. We went to Moya, which is an excellent Slovak restaurant, and it happened to be the second time in a week too, as last week I was visited by mr_malk and I took him there as well - I think they might want to make me honourary staff or something :) There was much fannish chatter and a certain amount of putting the world to rights, thank you very much you guys, it was great fun!
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