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Fic Round Up

I continued this year with the same New Year's Resolution I made last year, to post at least one fic a month, and suceeded! Yay! The goal really does seem to make me productive.

Fandom-wise it's been a bit mixed - Merlin continues to be awesome, with more official events organised and the Merlin Meets etc, but Torchwood:CoE was a bit of a kick in the teeth, and I haven't made it to as many Meets as I wanted to. DragonCon was a highlight, as was the Hub 3, which has made me realise, more than ever, that it's fangirls who really make the difference, even when canon stamps up and down on your head. Go us!


Freedom of Choice, SGA. McKay/Sheppard, PG, 3rd in my Mensaverse AU
This crisis may have ruined years of careful planning, but John is dammned if he’s going to let Rod waste his chance.
Word Count: 1,000


The Fifth Elephant in the Room, Merlin RPS, mainly Bradley/Colin, PG-13
He’s Bradley James, he’s the Man – he can have anyone he wants. Can’t he?
Word Count: 2,701

Get Jones, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, PG-13, Age of Steel Whoniverse AU
JACK: Ianto Jones, born August 19th 1983. Able student but not exceptional, one minor conviction for shoplifting in your teens. But what if crime had suited Ianto?
Word Count: 5,342


Love is Like a Butterfly - Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Merlin loves Arthur. He knows that, it’s like the sun rising in the morning, or the lake freezing in winter, just part of the natural order of things. But…
Word Count: 2,172


That Growing and Changing Situation, David Mitchell/Robert Webb, David Mitchell/Lee Mack, PG
Rob’s picking David up after filming, but he’s not sure. There’s something wrong, if only he can put his finger on it.
Word Count: 2,560


Beautiful Game, Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, PG-13
Bradley didn't tell anybody about the football tournament, but he most particularly didn't tell Colin.
Word Count: 4,375


The Perihelion Variations, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, John/Ianto, R
After Tosh and Owen's deaths, Jack finally thinks that the team is beginning to recover, but he might be speaking too soon. Meanwhile, in the future, Ianto has discovered why the twenty first century is when it all changes...
Word Count: 28,062


Magic Dance - Life on Mars/Torchwood, Gene Hunt/Ianto Jones, PG-13
It seems life doesn’t change that much, even in the arse-end of a different universe. Ianto is still being pushed around by arrogant cops. And he’s still pushing back.
Word Count: 1,330

Running Up That Hill - Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, PG
Colin gives Bradley a scare – he really is allergic to everything.
Word Count: 2,565

Old Glory - X-Men, Cyclops/Gambit, PG
After the Event, Scott isn’t really Cyclops any more, and Remy isn’t Gambit. But they might find something else - even standing in the wreckage, something might still be saved.
Word Count: 3,331


Management Solutions - Primeval, Lester/Connor, PG
James still couldn’t quite believe that he’d allowed Connor to stay in his flat. But there were compensations, it had to be said.
Word Count: 967

Long Shadow - Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, R
Merlin thought he had problems when he was only Arthur's manservant, and trying to hide his magic. Now he doesn't have to hide any more, but as King by right of conquest he wishes things were that easy. Rulership is a lonely business, and it actually hurts more to imagine what Arthur might have done in his place - but Merlin does it anyway. They had a destiny. Merlin refuses to let it go.
Word Count: 17,455

Companion - Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, AU, PG
Camelot is a small colony out on the Rim, and they don’t get many luxuries, so when a Guild-trained Companion visits and Governor Pendragon buys their services for his son – well, Arthur is no position to refuse.
Word Count: 1,574

Last Dance With Mary-Jane - Being Human, Mitchell/George, PG
Mitchell loves George, looks out for him, rescues him – but it may not be entirely for altruistic reasons…
Word Count: 1,011


It's like a tepid marriage - Mitchell and Webb, David Mitchell/Jack Whitehall, David Mitchell/Robert Webb, R
David could be accused of nostalgia, it was true, but it was just a little dalliance. No harm done.
Word Count: 1,383


The Dread and Fear of Kings - SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG
They were used to odd happenings and sudden danger, even on Atlantis itself. A woman's voice calling John to come away? That wasn't even a blip on the scanner - until John began to listen to it.
Word Count: 8,385


Perfect Day - Merlin RPS, Colin/Bradley, PG
Life is not always a Lou Reed song.
Word Count: 7,614


Out of Mind, Merlin, PG, crossover with Dollhouse
The year is 2019, and Merlin has let things slip a bit; he can't find Arthur reborn, or anyone else. But in his despair will he notice there's a dangerous new phenomenon stalking the streets before it's too late?
Word Count: 2,807

Some Sublimer World, RPS - 19th century, Byron/Shelley, NC-17
On the banks of Lake Geneva, Byron, Shelley and their parties spend the summer of 1816. At least one result of the trip is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. But what causes might there have been, to start her writing such a horrible tale? What stresses and jealousies? And what kind of love did Shelley and Byron discover in themselves?
Word Count: 6,345

Rule of Three - Being Human, Gen
Once upon a time a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost went out into the world to seek their fortune. Fairytales are simplistic, but it doesn't make them *wrong*.
Word Count: 2,335

Courtly Love, C J Cherryh - Fortress Series, Cefwyn/Tristen, PG
A Shaping, Emuin says the stranger is, and that you must win his love, for the sake of us all. Cefwyn, a Marhanen Prince, casual and automatically suspicious of everyone, does not know if he wants to try. Or even how to start.
Word Count: 1,850

Murder Shall Set You Free, The Devil's Whore, Anjelica Fanshawe/Edward Sexby, Gen
What if Angelica had overcome her scruples and killed Master Joliffe in the woods? What might her reactions have been? An alternative vignette.
Word Count: 836

So this year, I have written 106,000 words, on the dot, which is unusual, and is also a decent and happy-making amount, and beats last year. Comes of having two big bang fics in there, I think... :) I doubt I'll be able to keep it up though, this feels close to my likely maximum. There were 22 stories in 13 fandoms, which also beats last year at least in fandoms, but was one less actual story.

My favorite story of this year: This is really hard! I have a bunch of small fics, particularly those I wrote for kink_bingo, and they all turned out really well! I shall say Companion, just to put something down. I'm very fond of Some Sublimer World too, come to that...

My best story this year: I think I must say the Perihelion Variations, because it was the longest fic I've written, and it had a terribly complicated time-travel, missing people kind of plot, and pulled together a lot of ideas I had about John, and the Time Agency and stuff. Perhaps it should have been my favourite but (and I know I'm getting boring now) CoE did spoil things for me.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Possibly Long Shadow, which didn't get that many comments, and I think the plot is reasonably clever, and I liked my premise, and everything. Although I do leave out bits, like what happens to Gaius, who I only noticed was missing after posting :)

I could put Magic Dance probably more fairly though, which is a weird little Life on Mars/Torchwood crossover, and so got little attention from either fandom.

Most fun story: Fun for the reader or fun for me to write? :) I think here it is probably Get Jones, which is full of dark fun, or Management Solutions, which I chortled all the way through writing - or maybe Rule of Three, in which I genuinely attempted to be humorous - I'm never sure that works terribly well :)

Most sexy story: Some Sublimer World, since I thought I ought to pick the one fic with an NC-17 rating - that's right, only one this year! Although, I actually think Companion is the most sexy story, because the gloriously gorgeous image of Colin is what I wrote that story for - and although it's not quite what slantededges drew, I obviously wasn't the only one to go 'guh'.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Has to be Management Solutions - the image of Lester sticking Connor to the wall with hazard tape still makes me giggle, but the main reason it sticks in the mind is emmzzi turning to me at a party and saying "OMG, this fic today, it's so cracky, you must read this..." without noticing it had been me who wrote it! FTW!

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: I'll go with Last Dance with Mary Jane - because it was such a simple premise for this ficlet, but it really made me reassess everything in Being Human in light of it, to the extent that I'm following it up for a longer fic now.

Hardest story to write: Probably Long Shadow, because although I'm pleased with the results, it was a bloody slog to get through. I wrote it in alternatingly section, which is a technique I like, but if I hadn't - I certainly wouldn't have got through it.

Biggest Disappointment: Perfect Day. Which is a shame because I started out writing it with such high hopes and bright ideas, but... it's simply not my best. I don't know where it went wrong, but it's just... not good.

Biggest Surprise: Couple maybe - Companion, because people loved it, and while I was enamoured of the image, I was surprised when everyone else was too. And Get Jones, which I still think is an AU which would have suited Ianto, but a minority one, until it got recced by sam_storyteller (copperbadge) who is a huge BNF in the Whoniverse! So that was a surprise!

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: I'm repeating a lot, and I wonder if that is because this is one of the more recent things I've written, but - Some Sublimer World. And that's because I didn't even realise I was writing a story about Mary when I started it - but that's what everyone has read. It caught me completely unawares!

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to: Do WIPs count? I'm part way through a fic for the apocabigbang, which isn't actually that big, actually, it only has to be 10,000 words, so it's not that bad, right? :)

Other stuff, well, more challenges as they come up - and I'd like to write something in Torchwood to prove I can still do it - I've written nothing since CoE (I will stop going on about it, I promise... eventually :). Maybe some fixit fic? If I get a plot bunny.
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