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Lakeside Merlin signing!

Whew, I'm a bit tired now - I'm about to go to bed after a round trip to Lakeside and back by public transport, since the car's in the garage having a wheel fixed after my little bump on Saturday.

But I just wanted to post quickly to say - the boys, they were adorable! (Of course :) We were near the front because we turned up early. yavannauk lives nearby and so she was able to get us tickets - yay! Thank you so much, hon! Although there were some available on the day apparently - probably due to incompetance of the WHSmith staff who really didn't know what they were doing.

Anyway, when my turn came, Bradley was first and he started signing my book and looked up just before he did so, and went - "I know you!" I said indeed he did and it was lovely to see them both again, while being a bit flabbagasted Bradley remembered me! I think it was probably from my June Pierrefonds visit when I got to chat to him for at least five minutes about the celebrity football Soccer Six thing. Talk about exhausting my knowledge of football at the time :)

Anyway, conversation went something like this:
BRADLEY: Good to see you again, and are you looking forward to Christmas?
ME: fhkshd - um, a bit?
BRADLEY: Only a bit? *waggles eyebrows* And why is that?
ME: Oh, I don't know - Christmas, bag humbug. And speaking of the season, I thought you were going to shave come December.
BRADLEY: I am. Tomorrow! *rubs his chin at me* I needed to get a kind of trimmer.
ME: *speechless*
BRADLEY: I have one now, it's on charge at home. So. Shaving!

Then I got moved along to Colin, which I suspect was just as well!

I had the best conversation I've had so far with Colin, it was lovely:
ME: I loved watching you guys drive around Wales, I used to live up there, I used to work in that Library! I got so excited seeing you there, I bounced up and down!
COLIN: *absolutely lighting up* Wasn't it fantastic? We didn't get to see much of it though. Did you really work there? That's great!
ME: Oh yes, it's a really good collection. I blame Bradley's driving for why you didn't make it.
COLIN: *fast, heavy Irish accent, very excited, pointing at Bradley and making faces, enough so I could understand that yes it was terrible driving, and it was all Bradley's fault, but what can you do? - he's got to put up with him*
ME: *made faces back in a 'I completely understand and you have to put up with a lot' kind of way* And then I got shifted by the bouncers!

Wow. I have never seen Colin get that excited and happy before, it was just beautiful, he smiled his really big smile, the one that crinkles his eyes up. And I have never not been able to understand him before either! My god, I see what Bradley must have meant when they first met, with the accent - I thought I was pretty good at hearing and understanding a Northern Irish accent, I have a good friend from there, so I thought my ear was good, but wow.

I'll have to think about pictures later... Off to bed now, tired but happy.
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