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The Play's the Thing...

Ok, here's the update for the last two weekends. Two weeks ago I had my theatre weekend. There was John Simm's play Speaking in Tongues on the Friday and John Barrowman in La Cage au Folles on the Saturday. It was brilliant! My first love when I was a teenager was theatre, I had a Saturday job while doing my A-levels, that I shared with another lad, so I earned my money one Saturday and then went and spent it the following Saturday going up to the West End and going to the theatre. Ooh, I really knew how to party in those days :)

I'll be seeing Speaking Tongues again with mathildabj and I'm quite glad of that - it was early in the run and it's a technically complcated play. I'd like to see it again once they've practiced it a bit more. I'm not sure if I should spoil people, so I won't say much, other than IMO, it's a play all about trust. It's also hugely pretentious, again IMO, but I enjoyed it despite that, so there. That's a compliment in itself :) I would say that anyone who liked the Dr Who episode Midnight would probably like this play. All the cast are excellent, which really helps. The thought of this play being performed by sub-standard peeps? Ooh, I think that would mean it would suck the big lemon.

Oh yes, and I got my poster and programme signed. John Simm was lovely and stayed to sign everyone's stuff. I thought that was very considerate of him.

La Cage au Folles, OTOH, I have few, if any reservations about. It's hugely fun, it's hugely entertaining, and for a small cast they don't half make a big show. My main reservation is small, but fabulous - which is that John is quite pantomime as Albin, although he does do the emotional 'I Am What I Am' scene extremely well. I would actually like to see him play Georges, which would give us a character a bit closer to his concert persona but no less lovely for that.

Which brings me to the surprise of the evening - Simon Burke!! He was fantastic as Georges, I think I fell a little bit in love. I know gwene did - she had a little moment, and I don't blame her :) He is also so cuddly in his jumper... Aww. And the two of them also signed everything like troupers.

The following weekend was the Hub 3. I was a little unsure about this because gwene had been forced to cancel, due to the losing of job, and John had cancelled, and then we got there to find that James Marsters had cancelled too! It could have been a disaster, but actually I had a fabulous time. Gareth wasn't offering quite as much fan service, but was still hugely entertaining - and we got a surprise Kai Owen in the skit on Saturday night. His arrival nearly brought the house down! I haven't heard cheers like that loud since... since apparently the last time the Twilight fangirls were in, which is frankly insulting, although possibly true :)

I was very likely most excited about meeting Paul Copley, who I loved in Hornblower, as Matthews. And he turned out to have the slyest sense of humour! He seemed genuinely pleased to be meeting people who loved his work.

Mostly, however, the weekend was made by meeting all my lovely fellow fans, you made things so special, you guys!
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