Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Dragon*con and stuff

I have ten minutes before I start my journey back to the UK. My holiday is nearly over *sob* I'm quite knackered - can I have a holiday please?

I don't know where to start, really. Sunday before last was Sex, Wales and Anarchy, which was a little one day festival that Gareth David Lloyd organised. I went to the one last year too, and this year it was so much better! It was really well organised, I may not have liked every act but I loved enough of them that it was a really great day. Gareth's short film 'A Very British Cover-up' was hilarious.

Then I went on a set visit to Pierrefonds and stared at Colin and Bradley (and a horse and cart) for six hours - that deserves its own post. Soon, I promise.

Then I went to Dragon*con, and I can't describe it all. So many panels, so much fun! So many cool fangirls! See you all again soon, I hope! I met the Shat, although there wasn't any actual physical contact allowed :) Gareth was very sweet and gave me a shout out to the whole room at his panel, saying I went to all his appearances and gigs (not quite true) and then gave me a spontaneous hug when I went to his table the next day! This is a complete first!

Tom Felton is the sweetest lad you could ever meet - I must check his music out on YouTube.

I've run out of time - more later, on the other side of the pond...
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