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Stuff, lately

It’s madness really, I’ve been busy, to the point that I haven’t felt like posting about it, due to tiredness and things. So I thought I’d do a quick post mentioning some of the stuff, just in passing as it were.

This weekend just gone was meant to be a sewing weekend but J. was ill, and so my Regency muslin and voile frock is still in pieces :) My skill is such that I don’t dare try to put it together on my own. Instead, I ended up playing boardgames, and watching Harry Potter, which is not a bad way to spend a couple of days.

Oh yes, and I’ve been put onto new insulin which I’ve been trying out this weekend. Only one hypo so far – could be worse.

The weekend before that was LFCC, and I had lovely chats with, among others, Sean Maguire (Krod Mandoon is filmed in Eastern Europe, there’s no news of a second series yet) and Keeley Hawes (Marshall Lancaster was made to sit in a bath with his jeans on to shrink them properly – they frequently split). I also spent much quality time with the4ts, lil_aber_lisa, yavannauk, silverspirit_17 plus friends, and flameofaphoenix and me shared a room, although I didn’t see her much because she was working the event. gwene couldn’t make it, she had a flu type thing, although not swine flu, apparently! (Lots of people asked)

The Tuesday before that, I went to the BFIs preview of Desperate Romantics, which I’m loving – can’t wait for the second episode, even though I know it’s going to end badly. I’ve been avoiding looking it up on Wikipedia, so I can be surprised by the plot, which will only work in a limited way, of course, given it’s history and peeps don’t think of it as spoilers :) The Q&A afterwards was interesting, although Amy Manson (Lizzie Siddell) didn't impress me - she didn't seem to know anything about her character at all. Rafe Spall is very funny - which perhaps is not surprising, given his genes.

And then it’s getting quite distant – although I will add that I saw Jude Law’s Hamlet, and he was a bit good. The production is somewhat stygian, and you do rather wonder, with Hamlet’s level of anger, why he doesn’t just off Claudius in a fit of rage – but it’s still very good. I really liked the understated Ophelia, in particular. And Jude came out afterwards, and was really kind to all his fans, even when he was obviously exhausted. The squee was of Twilight-type pitch too!
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