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Yuletide Assignment

Got mine, and I think I'm happy. There may be dvd buying in my immediate future, in order to remind myself of details. It's funny - I got a fandom that I offered last minute, at 2.00 in the morning. You would think this would worry me. It does - but less than you might think :) I'm actually pretty excited! I do love the characters I'm going to write, but I've never written in this particular fandom before, so it will be interesting. Yes. *nods*

Dear Santa,

When I wrote my requests it was two in the morning, as you can probably tell. I may have been on the happy pills. I know I rambled. I hope this hasn't put you off! :) My favourite type things mostly include slash of one sort or another, as you can also probably tell. On the other hand, I understand if it turns out all gen, these things happen. I promise I will still love it, as long as my guys are not little girls in disguise!

In terms of flavour, I suppose I write a lot of angst - but that's only because I can't write humour, and I refuse to write fluff. I have done it (hard not to when you write hobbits) but I've written far more horror (again with hobbits - what can I say - it's a reputation, of a sort :) Still, what I like to read is a bit different again. I think my favourite things involve a plot - I'm not one for PWP - there needs to be build up - I want my foreplay, dammit! :) But I'm happy enough with UST, or just a kiss as my denouement. First times are fun, AUs are awesome. Sex is definitely optional for me - but it's not like I'd kick it out of bed either :)

I hope this is enough to be going on with - if you happened to want to check out my fic, there are only a few fics at this journal. I moved fic type activity from my other journal a while ago, but it all still exists there - go look at teawith too, if you want. (But you really don't have to!)

Thank you - I'm all squeeful now!

Love Valderys
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