Valderys (valderys) wrote,

New magazine: Filament

Just bought a new magazine, that's only available online, but if you purchase it, they send you a nice printed properly magazine that you can read in bed/in the bath/in the garden.

I bought it on recommendation of a friend, because it's a new project that's trying to put out a magazine that, well, people like us might like. Basically, for the geeky girl/woman who's not that interested in celebrity gossip, and tanlines. But we're not talking a mag like your Women's Realm or that ilk either - they describe themselves as being for women who enjoy intelligent thought and beautiful men. And, mmm, they're not wrong.

My only quibble having received it, and reading the first issue, is that it may skew for younger audiences than me (in my early forties) - but I think that's most of my flist, so. *grin* And that may change for the mag, as they sort out what their demographic is, who knows. It's closer to my interests than most mags you find in the shops though, that much I know. Livejournal is referenced more than once for example...

EDIT: I think this is work safe, but there are pictures of topless chaps on the website - if that's not work-safe for you, don't click the link...
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