Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Pierrefonds Pics

Ok, I've gone through my pics and pulled out a more or less random selection of the ones I took that are not spoilery, just to give a flavour. That does mean there aren't any of Mackenzie Crook, just in case his costume does count as spoilery. Therefore I'm keeping my promise to Johnny Capps. I hope :)

Uther's throne is not as heavy as it looks!

That's how you move props about - faster, Arthur, faster! Or maybe not.

Beautifully emoting Colin - I have the scene written down word for word because they repeated it so often, but I can't tell you what he's saying or I'd have to kill you!

Colin and myself - I'm flailing on the inside :)

Lying around all day, occasionally having rocks dropped on your head, is tiring, you know!

Bradley feels surprisingly solid in that chainmail.

As well as a DS, Bradley apparently has - what, a personal organiser? Other gaming device? I know not.

Colin talking with the crew - I think one of these fine gentlemen is the director, but I'm afraid I don't know which one.

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