Valderys (valderys) wrote,

DH is awesome some more...

Well, I created this journal with the intention of being able to squee in an embarrassing manner at times, but not so much in front of many RL friends (which is what I would be doing over at my other journal :) Ok, that didn't work terribly well, since some of them followed me over here! *waves* But hopefully they're the understanding kind...


Dear god, David Hewlett makes me squee like the little girl I haven't been *for quite some time*! :) There's been the first part of a new interview posted at the SG-1 Archive here, and there's so much squee-worthy stuff, I hardly know where to start.

DH telling off Chris Judge for hitting on his sister.

Apparently he can listen to Jane's accent for hours - and ok, he was partly taking the piss, but I'm sure only partly. She's apparently British, which I didn't know. So basically, DH loves British accents. Mmm. Let me think about that... I wonder if it's any of them, or a particular region?

And, most spectactularly, in the '80s he used to wear more make-up than all his sisters combined. Apparently. DH back when he was skinny and snarling in New Romantic/Adam Ant style make-up. I may actually curl up and keen at that image. Oh wow. I'd kill for that photo. Or, you know - to be able to drop off his phone number to my teenaged self :)
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