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Utopia and Collectormania 15

This is going to be highlights again – too much stuff happening :) Utopia was a small one day Dr Who con, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, because the guests were mostly Old Who related and from the Sarah Jane Adventures. Now I love the Sarah Jane Adventures, and Toby Whithouse was there (in his capacity as the writer of School Reunion) so that’s why I went, and I was happy to be there, even though it was a completely different experience to most cons I’ve been to.

Now it was strange because most Old Who fans are chaps, and I was expecting a chap-heavy con experience, which I did get, but I was also expecting them not to be too friendly, and in that I’m glad to say that I was wrong! They were more reserved than us girly types, but they were happy to chat to me, as long as I didn’t obviously squee, which I find quite amusing. The other thing that was odd, is that they are much more quiet and respectful, and with much less humour, in the talks. There was lots of serious nodding, and asking technical questions about production craft, and stuff. It was quite bizarre, compared to my usual con experiences.

Now my highlights – Torchwood and Who writer, James Moran, remembered me and said hello, and will see me later at the Torchwood: Children of Earth premiere at the BFI. Which was extremely nice of him, and I apologised for being a bit over exuberant at our last meeting, but he was lovely and seemed very happy to chat. He was also able to give a month, if not a day of release, which was definitely July *sigh*.

Then I wandered outside for a breath of air, and a hope I could cadge a fag from a passing smoker, and the only smoker there was another Who and Torchwood writer, Joe Lidster, so I nicked a ciggie from him! And we discussed what other shows we liked at the mo, and how he’s only seen episode one of CoE so he’ll be on the edge of his seat with the rest of us, after that!

And then there was Toby Whithouse, who my main reason for going, and who I had to apologise to, and promise I wasn’t meaning to stalk him, because it did end up seeming that way! First there was my official, getting my Being Human photo signed, and I asked could he tell me how production was going, and it was apparently going very well, but he couldn’t tell me any details, so I mustn’t pry, which was fair. And then I said I was there especially for him, because I loved Being Human so much, and he looked taken aback, so that’s obviously not something he’s used to, so then I felt bad, because I didn’t mean to worry him. And I know you won’t believe me, but I was quite toned down for me!

Then later, I was passing his table and he was sat there completely on his own, not even a minder, so I tentatively wandered up to keep him company, and we chatted a bit more. And then I went up with another couple of lasses I’d met, and then remembered I had a camera on my phone (I’d forgotten my proper camera, I am so rubbish), and asked for a photo. So all those encounters were my fault, I freely admit.

But then – I met him on the stairs, because I was queuing, and he stopped to say hi, and then downstairs, again, randomly. And I was one of only two people who had questions for him in his talk, and I asked about Annie, and how were her powers going to develop, now she’s turned her back on the afterlife? And he pointed, and said I told you, no details about the new series! I hadn’t even thought that it was that spoilery a question – but it must be, obviously! And he was laughing, and I was laughing, and everybody else was looking at us, like huh? So I then stumbled over my words to ask something else he could answer, so came out with – what’s the definitive answer on werewolf babies? And Toby thought I meant, was Nina pregnant, and said no she wasn’t, but I meant, if a werewolf has sex with a human is the child human or werewolf, or if two werewolves do it, etc, etc. And Toby said he has conversations like this all the time these days, it’s very surreal, and that the baby will be human if they’re in human form at the time. And was still laughing with me. The rest of the audience were very bemused – remember, not much hilarity at this con :)

And finally, as if that wasn’t enough, I was on the tube going home, and there’s a man staring at me, which is not what you do on the tube, frankly, and I look up, and it’s Toby! So we’re laughing, and he says, I knew if I was going to bump into anyone it was going to be you, and that’s when I apologised and said I really wasn’t trying to be a stalker. And also said I was sorry for the silly werewolf question, I was put a bit on the spot at the time, and couldn’t think of a serious one, and he said he was fine with it – it’s just that he keeps changing his mind about the answer!

So that was Utopia. Collectormania was the next day, and was very cold, in the open air virtually, in the concourse of a football ground. Everybody was freezing, particularly the guests, and I hope the conference centre is finished before the next one, or I might not be going. I have less good stories from this, I think everyone was too cold to be witty. But my best moment is worth mentioning – in the photoshoot with Philip Glenister, a couple of chaps before me had wanted the ‘collars’ shot. This is Gene Hunt lifting a man up by his lapels just before pounding him. I hadn’t seen another girl ask for it, but I really wanted that shot, although I thought he might say no, because I’m a girl. But no – I said, can I have collars, and he went ‘Collars, huh?, and fumbled for the sides of my denim jacket like a good ‘un. Then just as the photographer was ready he really heaved me up by them, until we were completely chest to chest. I blush to say I gave a little scream, because I really wasn’t expecting that, and everybody laughed. It was completely genuine, and I look really scared in the picture, it’s fantastic! :)

Even the photographer was amused and said – ‘Gene Hunt, the equal opportunities thug’ as I walked away! And I’m quite proud, because the lads that asked for collars only have Phil holding on to them, and I think I was the only one that got virtually picked up by him. I feel so lucky :)

And that was my birthday weekend – there were lots of lovely friends there too, I kept bumping into people all Collectormania – thank you everyone!
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