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Ooh, I'm quite excited! I've wanted to write for yuletide for a while now, but didn't get my act into gear until far too late, last year. Not to mention I'd signed up for all sorts of secret santa challenges, which I've been manfully (womanfully?) resisting this year.

So Yuletide. For those not into the whole writing thing, Yuletide is a rare fandoms Christmas challenge. It's huge, and prestigious (as these things go), and I do like writing obscure stuff here and there. Tomorrow the form to nominate the fandoms that are eligible this year goes live, and (apparently it's a new thing) people get to nominate the six fandoms they have a yen for, or think are deserving. It's quite exciting, as I say! What on earth can I nominate? Do I know enough obscure fandoms? What fandoms are deserving enough? Who do I choose? *bites fingernails*

The Philadelphia Story: perhaps goes without saying. Or perhaps not. Ever since I wrote a ficlet exploring CK Dexter Haven's pining for Mike, I've wanted more. Whether I write it or someone else does. It's going in.

Temeraire: May not be an obscure fandom if Peter Jackson gets his way - better get it in while I still can :)

Shakespeare: I've loved Hamlet and Benedick with a passion since my teens, but if I ask for them, will I get them, or some other random Shakespearean characters? And without the Bard's own language, stories based on the plays always sound a little false anyway... Do I want to be disappointed?

Traders: I love the show, and I believe it still counts as an obscure fandom, but it's linked to probably the most massive fandom going at the moment. So am I just sneaking SGA in at the backdoor?

And at that point I wibble, and look round for more inspiration. Aarghh.
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