Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Being Human

I watched this when I got home from con last night. And thank god - I thought it was going to be terrible - and it wasn't! The tone is much lighter than the pilot, and that took a bit of getting used to, but it was fun, and endearing, and the replacement actors for Annie and Mitchell did more than ok. Even Mitchell's Irish accent didn't bother me a much as I thought it would (I'd had visions of David Boreanaz in a dodgy wig floating round my head).

On the other hand, there were a couple of quibbles. What is Mitchell supposed to be living off? There wasn't a sniff of a bag of blood, or anything. Are we meant to believe that human food sustains him, but doesn't satisfy? Or are they being coy? Which seems a bit odd given the cut throat at the end. Also, Mitchell can go out in daylight with only a pair of sunglasses to protect him - boo. I don't like vampires who can just wander about in daylight, what's the bloody point of that - other than cheaper programmes with less night shoots?

Also, are the vampires suddenly going insane? If they've survived thousands of years and only now decide to have an all you can eat buffet, what's made them change? This isn't a moan yet, it may be that it will be explained later on.

I suppose I was most surprised by the fact that they don't explain how the three of them are living together - it's as though you do need to have seen the pilot, even though the producers have said that it's a closed continuity and bears no relation to the new show. Which is also odd.

But these are small things really, I'm no longer dreading watching it. This show which I was fannish about before it was even made... :) Thank goodness.
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