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Dr Who + Yuletide fics wot I wrote

Well, I'm not unhappy. I was, and still am, a bit unsure about his youth, but Matt Smith certainly seemed to be thinking about it in a serious way. He seems an intelligent actor, which I like. I've decided I must let the age thing go - after all, my Doctor is Peter Davison, so I can hardly complain that much about relative youth! :)

I like his face, it's an interesting one. I think that's the main thing. As long as he can show all the ages of the Doctor's life in his eyes - and I think he'll be able to do that... Yes, I'm quite excited now, I believe.

And here is the stuff I wrote for Yuletide. I wrote three fics this year, my main story and two pinch hits.

First there was Keep it in the Family, A Dog's Breakfast, PG-13, mild incest, which squicked me a bit, but only a bit. And my recipient liked it, which is the main thing. Despite the squicking, I enjoyed writing it, because it was an excellent challenge.

Then my first pinch hit was Double-edged Sword, Merlin, PG, which didn't fit my recipient's request as well as I could have liked. But with a week to write in you've got to go with the plot bunny that bites, unfortunately.

And then after the deadline when loads of pinch hits go out, and you have like, three days, to write in, I picked up my second. This was What Maketh the Man, Georgette Heyer - Cotillion, G, which I picked on because I'd realised that I'd never written in a book fandom for Yuletide, and I wanted to change that. I'm not sure the style is *exactly* right, but it flowed a lot more smoothly than I thought it might, and, again, it was great fun to write. It's lovely when it's fun!

And that was my Yuletide. Utter madness, really, but I do enjoy the stress and the tension of it, and knowing there are over a thousand like-minded souls in the world!

Next up: my fic round-up for the year, when I get around to it :)
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