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Yuletide gifts

This is a few days late, but I've been off in the wilds watching panto (with Kai Owen) and Blue Gillespie (with Gareth, of course :) I'm afraid I'm in no fit state to review either though, as the night of the panto I came down with stomach flu, and, well, enough said. I'm still not well now.

On the other hand, I wanted to pimp the fics that were written for me in Yuletide, that's right, fics! I was a very lucky bunny. It was the most glorious crop! I was a pinch hit, you see, I think that's why I was so blessed.

First there were two Being Human fics - which were, oh, so lovely. I want Guy Flanagan back even more after reading them. I am deeply suspicious of the new series, since it has been recast and is being written for a 'younger audience'. I wanted a story this year with the Being Human cast that I know now, that I love, and that's what I got. Beautiful.

the abyss gazes also into you and Connections

And then - THEN - I got the piece de resistance: Mitchell and Webb! OMG! I've been asking for them on Yuletide for the last three years, it was glorious, it was everything I could have ever wanted. It was David failing to ask for what he wanted, it was Rob's cynicism, and practicality, and, and... I don't even have words. It made me so happy, I cried. There I was, all red-nosed on Christmas morning, and I couldn't explain it! How silly and sentimental am I? :) But it was the best Christmas present in the world.

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