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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hmm. I wonder which of my requests you're doing... If you do Peep Show or That Mitchell and Webb Look then, if you couldn't have guessed from my requests, I am incredibly fond of David Mitchell. I'm not sure if he has any fic written about him at all, so I would kiss your toes for some of that! (Although I am assured there might be some on slashtheweek, I have yet to find it...)

If you end up with The Big Bang Theory, well, that was my light request. I adore Sheldon and Leonard, and while Penny's ok - surely everyone can see that they are better suited for one another? :)

Being Human... Well, what can I say? I was really looking forward to the new series, but I've heard some disappointing things, so I'm going to cling to George and Mitchell as we know them at the moment.

Seriously, I talked a bit in my requests so hopefully this won't tell you anything you don't already know. I love me my slash and I love character pieces. Smut is good but really not essential. AUs are cool, as is angst. That's what I write the most of, but that's mainly because I'm interested in writing that, because my plot bunnies are seldem happy or funny, but I love *reading* humour, and I am a sucker for a happy ending, even though I hardly ever write them! :)

Does this help? I hope so. Anything would be good really, although please don't make any of my boys cry - I hate soppy crying fics - they're men, not little girls.

What else? I can't think. Just - I will be happy with anything, really. I promise.

Thank you so much!

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