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Master Fic List


A Dog's Breakfast / Alice in Wonderland / Being Human / Blake's 7 / Bones / Brokeback Mountain / CJ Cherryh - Fortress Series / The Devil's Whore / Doctor Who / Georgette Heyer - Cotillion / House / Life on Mars / Lost / LotR / Lotrips / Merlin / Merlin RPS / Peep Show / The Philadelphia Story / Primeval / RPS - British Comedy / RPS - Other / Shades of Monaboyd / SGA RPS / Stargate Atlantis / Star Trek (reboot) / Torchwood / Traders / X-Men

A Dog's Breakfast

Keep It in the Family, A Dog's Breakfast, Patrick/Marilyn, PG-13, mild incest
Marilyn is Patrick's little sister, and she's the most important thing in the world. More important than Mom or Dad, more important than friends, or school or anything. But that's ok, because she knows it too.
Word Count: 4,245

Alice in Wonderland

Five Times Alice Remembered the Mad Hatter - Alice in Wonderland (film), Alice/Tarrant Hightopp, PG
It's said that seek and you shall find.
Word Count: 4,010

Being Human

Last Dance With Mary-Jane - Being Human, Mitchell/George, PG
Mitchell loves George, looks out for him, rescues him – but it may not be entirely for altruistic reasons…
Word Count: 1,011

Rule of Three - Being Human, Gen
Once upon a time a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost went out into the world to seek their fortune. Fairytales are simplistic, but it doesn't make them *wrong*.
Word Count: 2,335

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing - Being Human, Mitchell/George, PG-13
Vampires hate werewolves but no-one knows why. When Mitchell starts sensing strange vampires congregating outside their house, he thinks nothing of it, until he realises that it's only outside their house. What do these bestial creatures want? Surely it can't be... George?
Word Count: 15,429

Blake's 7

Betrayal of Interest, Blake's 7, Blake/Avon, G
Performing cybersurgery for Space Command, Dr Kerr Avon provided new memories and identities for agents both for and against the authorities. But someone wanted to infiltrate the rebels – and now he was in jeopardy.
Word Count: 3,448

Conversations with the Dead, Blake's 7, PG
What does Blake do after he leaves the Liberator? What becomes expedient? What allies become necessary?
Word Count: 3,800

Nightwatch, Blake's 7, Gen
An episode tag for Gambit. What does happen to Avon and Vila's ill-gotten gains?
Word Count: 2,064

Three Things That Never Happened to Vila Restal, Blake's 7, Vila/Kerril, AU, PG
Three fates that may have been worse than the actual fate Vila ended up with...
Word Count: 1,295


Exaptation, Bones, Brennan/OMC, AU, PG
Temperance takes stock in the aftermath of a pandemic. How far will science get her, now?
Word Count: 2,120

Brokeback Mountain

Silence - Brokeback Mountain, Ennis/Jack, PG-13
The sun gleamed red…
Word Count: 1,327

C J Cherryh - Fortress Series

Courtly Love, C J Cherryh - Fortress Series, Cefwyn/Tristen, PG
A Shaping, Emuin says the stranger is, and that you must win his love, for the sake of us all. Cefwyn, a Marhanen Prince, casual and automatically suspicious of everyone, does not know if he wants to try. Or even how to start.
Word Count: 1,850

The Devil's Whore

Murder Shall Set You Free, The Devil's Whore, Anjelica Fanshawe/Edward Sexby, Gen
What if Angelica had overcome her scruples and killed Master Joliffe in the woods? What might her reactions have been? An alternative vignette.
Word Count: 836

Doctor Who

Half-life, Doctor Who, Rose/10.5, PG-13
The Earth can be small place when you’re used to the whole of time and space. A relationship can feel even smaller.
Word Count: 5,441

A Life Well Lived, Dr Who, General Cobb, Gen
At the end of a long life, General Cobb regrets his actions so long ago.
Word Count: 699

Georgette Heyer - Cotillion

What Maketh the Man, Georgette Heyer - Cotillion, Freddy/Kitty, Gen
Soon after their engagement, Freddy takes Kitty shopping to finally buy her the rubies he's wanted so long to bestow on her. The commonplace becomes a little more than that, when they run into Jack Westruther patronising the same shop.
Word Count: 2,598


Moving to the Country - House, Chase/Foreman, R, character death
Diagnosis isn’t always cure.
Word Count: 3,349

Orbit, House, House/Foreman, PG
Flowers turn to follow the sun.
Word Count: 1,298

Life On Mars

Lavender and Old Spice - Life On Mars, Teamfic, G
They use 'Lost and Found' for an interview room, and Sam brings in his own tape recorder. What else has to be improvised in 1973?
Word Count: 1,935

Magic Dance - Life on Mars/Torchwood, Gene Hunt/Ianto Jones, Pg-13
It seems life doesn’t change that much, even in the arse-end of a different universe. Ianto is still being pushed around by arrogant cops. And he’s still pushing back.
A sort-of sequel to Get Jones, an AU Torchwood fic.
Word Count: 1,330


Battlegrounds - Lost, Charlie/Boone, PG
There are some battles you fight alone, and there are some you can hope to share…
Word Count: 1,207

Chief Rabbit - Lost, Jack/Sawyer, PWP, NC-17
In which Sawyer thinks about literature perhaps a little too much...
Word Count: 1,410

Hours - Lost, PG
For Charlie, it's just another morning. Even if he is on a desert island.
Word Count: 2,314

Inhio - Lost, PG
Want comes in many different forms, for many different people.
Word Count: 973

Lord of the Rings

Frodo/Sam / Gen / Gollum/Ring / Merry/Frodo / Merry/OMC / Merry/Pippin / Sam/OMC


Neither Rhyme Nor Reason - LotR, Frodo/Sam, R, Fluff
Sam has something new he’d like Frodo to try…
Word Count: 1,753

Right, LotR, Frodo/Sam, PG
On the edge of the Emyn Muil, something is found that was long ago thought lost.
Word Count: 2,328


Beautiful Friendship - LotR, G
So, when Frodo met Merry - was it really just the beginning of a beautiful friendship? :)
Word Count: 1,088

Beauty, LotR, G
Frodo and Sam on the ride to the Grey Havens.
Word Count: 938

A Bill Too Big for Your Purse - LotR, G
A moment in time as Sam contemplates Ted Sandyman.
Word Count: 1,541

Bitter as Willow - LotR, PG
Old Man Willow has vengeance within his grasp...
Word Count: 2,623

Bloomin' Hobbits! - LotR, G, Fluff
When Merry and Pippin get together - well, lads will be lads!
Word Count: 783

First Time, LotR, G
The first time Merry saw Pippin, he didn’t think much of him.
Word Count: 1,190

Freak Show - LotR, G, Creepy
It's Litheday and Merry, Pippin and Frodo are having fun at the fair. Or are they?
Word Count: 3,982

The Last Fight, LotR, G, Creepy
On the Barrow-downs, ghosts of the past haunt the fog, as Merry faces the Barrow Wight...
Word Count: 3,003

The Law of Nature - LotR, G
In the woods on the edge of the Shire, a family waits in dire need…
Word Count: 1,150

Learning to Walk, LotR, G
All his life Pippin Took has never slowed down. Now, to help Frodo, he must learn to walk instead of run...
Word Count: 3,252

Legacies, LotR, G
A few weeks after his father’s death, Merry thinks about the responsibilities that go with leadership…
Word Count: 1,410

Mind the baby - LotR, G, A bit creepy
Bilbo has an accident when he's looking after baby Frodo.
Word Count: 1,353

On Edoras Heights - LotR, G
Merry's thoughts as he watches Pippin ride away...
Word Count: 1,491

On Pelennor Fields, LotR, PG
The charge of the Rohirrim, and the battle from Merry's POV.
Word Count: 4,616

On the River - LotR, PG, Gen
It's a dark night on the Anduin, and Merry is reliving memories he'd rather hide.
Word Count: 1,387

Quills and Thorns, LotR, G, Gen
Sam and Rosie must come to a decision about Hamfast. (Post-Quest)
Word Count: 3,206

Relics, LotR, PG, Gen
In September, Sam is never quite comfortable… (Post-Quest)
Word Count: 2,797

Sacrifice, LotR, G, AU
Warning: angst, character death
Mount Doom. A different ending.
Word Count: 2,207

Secrets and Wonders - LotR, G
In which Merry is grumpy, Pippin is Tookish, but it works out all right in the end :)
Word Count: 2,690

Stopping Behind - LotR, G
It’s not easy to face danger and death far from home, but it’s even less easy for those left behind… Freddy Bolger muses on his shortcomings.
Word Count: 3,783

Upon Less-Than-Sober Reflection - LotR, G
Merry becomes a tweenager, and does some thinking. Some of it involves gravy.
Word Count: 3,081

When Last We Met - LotR, G
Merry remembers his first meeting with Gimli...
Word Count: 2,828


Whisper, Lotr, Gollum/Ring, R, Icky :)
The Ring regrets its mistakes.
Word Count: 1,263


Birthday Present - LotR, Merry/Frodo, PG
Warning: character death
Everything at Bag End is perfect, isn’t it? But wouldn’t you know - the devil’s always in the details.
Word Count: 3,380

Heir Today - LotR, Merry/Frodo, PG
Merry gets up close and personal with the Family Tree.
Word Count: 1,992


Cold Be Hand, LotR, Merry/Barrow-Wight, NC-17
Warnings: Non-con
It’s a dream, surely only a dream...
Word Count: 4,165

Happiness. Ever After? - LotR, Merry/Freddy, NC-17, Angsty
Pippin is married. Freddy has Merry. So why is he still running away? Sequel to Holly's Fortune.
Word Count: 3,320

Holly's Fortune - LotR, Merry/Freddy, NC-17, Angsty
In which it’s not Merry who thinks too much, for once…
Word Count: 6,685


Cradling, LotR, G
Reluctantly Merry has hurried to the Smials because Pippin needs him. (Post-Quest)
Word Count: 2,592

Heart's Desire, LotR, Merry/Pippin, R
In Crickhollow, after Frodo leaves, Merry sits and thinks too much, as usual... A sequel to Mind Games.
Word Count: 5,589

Mind Games, LotR, Merry/Pippin, R
Merry makes a choice, but is it the right one?
Word Count: 2,588

The Scent of Apples, LotR, Merry/Pippin, Merry/OFC, PG
Merry's first kiss...
Word Count: 1,890

They Shall Stand Again, LotR, Merry/Pippin, PG
Struggling back to consciousness on the Pelennor Field, Merry has an unexpected conversation.
Word Count: 1,437

Three Days, LotR, Merry/Pippin, R
Pippin is worried. Merry is stubborn. And there is never enough time.
Word Count: 4,110

Waterfalls, LotR, R
An unexpected glimpse of beauty gives Pippin a new outlook...
Word Count: 4,998

Winter Wonderland - LotR, Merry/Pippin, R
In which Pippin discovers there's better things than snowball fights...
Word Count: 1,894


Learning the Ropes, LotR, Sam/OC, R
Sam is never likely to forget this summer's loving.
Word Count: 571


Billy/Orlando / Dom/Billy / Dom/Elijah / Dom/Orlando / Elijah/Viggo / Ian M. / Lotrips - General / Lotrips - Multi-pairing / Orli/Sean Bean / Sean Astin


Mutual Assured Deconstruction, Lotrips, Billy/Orlando, PG
Billy has Beecake, and a baby, and no real time to spare. Orlando has money, the environment, and an empty diary. Somebody needs to be distracted.
Word Count: 3,367

Picture Perfect, Lotrips, Billy/Orlando, R, AU
“Shite, Orli, how does this work again?”
Word Count: 1,127


Cages, Lotrips, Dom/Billy, PG
I know I could fight it but why should I expend all that energy when all he wants to do is look in a pet shop?
Word Count: 1,547

Driving Ambition, Lotrips, Dom/Evi, Dom/Billy, PG
Dom watches Evi when she drives.
Word Count: 1,483

Four Kisses, Lotrips, Dom /Billy, Dom/Evi, PG
The first time Evi kisses him, she tastes of liquorice.
Word Count: 1,247

Happy Accidents, Lotrips, Dom/Billy, PG-13
Dom doesn’t wear eyeliner any more, Billy thinks, all of a sudden. He never thought he’d miss it. Weird.
Word Count: 4,365

Parts, Lotrips, Dom/Billy, PG, AU
He remembered afterwards that Dom’s eyes had crinkled when he’d smiled.
Word Count: 1,749

Resolution, Lotrips, Billy/Dom, G
It's the morning after the night before... And my first ever RPS - it's barely RPS really :)
Word Count: 1,490

See-saw, Lotrips, Dom/Billy, PG-13
They’ve both moved on. They’re mates, that’s it. They’re comfortable with each other. It’s not a problem any more.
Word Count: 5,344

Sex, Lies and Photographs, Lotrips, Billy/Dom, PG for language
Cameras never help.
Word Count: 676

Strange Fruit, Lotrips, Dom/Billy, G
Lemon was New Zealand.
Word count: 150

Tease, Lotrips, Dom/Billy, PG
“Tell me that’s not beautiful,” says Dom.
Word Count: 635

Whatever the Weather, Lotrips, Billy/Dom, G
It's funny what you get homesick for...
Word Count: 1,079

Wildly Hunting, Lotrips, Dom/Billy, PG
Everyone has relatives they’re ashamed of…
Word count: 4,596

Winter in the Sky, Lotrips, Billy/Dom, PG
The sky is blue, endlessly, infinitely blue, like the water in the glass after a child has swirled its brush.
Word Count: 1,103


Snakes, Lotrips, Dom/Elijah, PG-13
How can he tell him? Things would change. Change forever. Dom’s not willing to risk forever, it lasts too long.
Word Count: 7,739

Then there was Light, Lotrips, Dom/Elijah, PG-13
Dom had opened his mouth and taken it between his lips like he knew exactly what it was he was supposed to do.
Word count: 583


The Sneer of Cold Command, Lotrips, Dom/Orli, Andy, PG, future-fic
It was after the second Oscar that Dom decided he didn’t want anything more to do with Andy Serkis.
Word Count: 1,505


Better Judgement, Lotrips, Elijah/Viggo, PG
Elijah keeps turning up wherever Viggo happens to be, is it fate, chance, or merely Schrödinger's cat playing a game?
Word Count: 3,663

Ian M.

Dear Boys, Lotrips, Ian M./Everybody, PG
Ian is just a terrible old flirt, really...
Word Count: 3,118

Duckling, Lotrips, Ian, Dom, G
Would you believe that Dom's a little shy?
Word Count: 1,879

Lotrips - General

Dragged - Lotrips/Hetty Wainthropp, G
“Dominic,” said Patricia, with a suspicious blankness to her voice, “What do you look like?”
Word Count: 587

The Cat, Selling, Lotrips, Fellowship, G
It’s time for Sean Astin to step up, be a man, and earn his place among the Fellowship.
Word Count: 1,654

Lotrips - Multi-pairing

All that will be left, Lotrips, BB/EW, EW/DM, DM/BB, R
No-one will even remember these little bumps along the road. All that will be left in the end will be the magic.
Word Count: 5,574

Drama Queens, Lotrips, Billy/Dom, Elijah/Orlando, Ian/Tobey, Liv/Billy, Dom/Bean, Ian/Billy/Orlando, PG for language, AU
It’s just another ordinary day for Dom and Billy, make-up artists for the campest trilogy ever made.
Word Count: 6,825

Orli/Sean Bean

Two Calling Birds, Lotrips, Orli/Sean Bean, G
"That's your phone, Orli."
Word Count: 458

Sean Astin

Brotherly Love, Lotrips, Sean, Mac, Dom, PG for language
Sometimes Dom wishes he knew what it was about Sean Astin that drives him completely fucking insane.
Word Count: 4,833


Companion - Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, AU, PG
Camelot is a small colony out on the Rim, and they don’t get many luxuries, so when a Guild-trained Companion visits and Governor Pendragon buys their services for his son – well, Arthur is no position to refuse.
Word Count: 1,574

Double-edged Sword - Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Being a Seer is a burden, but Merlin finds he has a unique opportunity when he meets Taliesin, Chief of Bards. Taliesin is a powerful Seer in his own right, and may have the answers that Merlin seeks.
Word Count: 2,869

The Lantern-bearer - Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Sophia was an aberration, but that’s not to say that Uther’s wrong. One day, Merlin may have to learn to share.
Word Count: 1,742

Long Shadow - Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, R
Merlin thought he had problems when he was only Arthur's manservant, and trying to hide his magic. Now he doesn't have to hide any more, but as King by right of conquest he wishes things were that easy. Rulership is a lonely business, and it actually hurts more to imagine what Arthur might have done in his place - but Merlin does it anyway. They had a destiny. Merlin refuses to let it go.
Word Count: 17,455

Love is Like a Butterfly - Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Merlin loves Arthur. He knows that, it’s like the sun rising in the morning, or the lake freezing in winter, just part of the natural order of things. But…
Word Count: 2,172

Mad North-North-West - Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, PG. AU, crossover with Hamlet
Merlin jumped rather a lot when Uther's ghost wafted out of the wall and stood pointing imperiously.
Word Count: 5,677

Morning Out of Darkness, Merlin, Gen
Aquila has fought battles all of his long life, but it’s strange that now, as an old man, it’s the hard won peace of Camelot that seems so hard to bear…
Word Count: 3,105

One of Us - Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, PG
Arthur Twist is in a bad way - he's on the streets of London without a farthing to his name, and he hasn't eaten for a week. So how come the magic fingers of a boy with flashing blue eyes and a top hat are so fascinating?
Word Count: 3,079

Out of Mind, Merlin, PG, crossover with Dollhouse
The year is 2019, and Merlin has let things slip a bit; he can't find Arthur reborn, or anyone else. But in his despair will he notice there's a dangerous new phenomenon stalking the streets before it's too late?
Word Count: 2,807

Merlin RPS

Beautiful Game, Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, PG-13
Bradley didn't tell anybody about the football tournament, but he most particularly didn't tell Colin.
Word Count: 4,375

The Fifth Elephant in the Room, Merlin RPS, mainly Bradley/Colin, PG-13
He’s Bradley James, he’s the Man – he can have anyone he wants. Can’t he?
Word Count: 2,701

Perfect Day - Merlin RPS, Colin/Bradley, PG
Life is not always a Lou Reed song.
Word Count: 7,614

Running Up That Hill - Merlin RPS, Bradley/Colin, PG
Colin gives Bradley a scare – he really is allergic to everything.
Word Count: 2,565

Shades of Monaboyd

Buried Bodies, Lost/Taggart, Charlie/Jamie, PG, Drabble series
What if Jamie and his Mum had also been on Flight 815?
Word Count: 1,800

Denial, Lost/Taggart, Charlie/Jamie, R, Drabble series
Sequel to Buried Bodies.
Word Count: 2,400

Piracy, Hetty Wainthropp/Taggart, Geoffrey/Jamie, G
“Today would have been my wedding anniversary.”
Word Count: 585

Sacrifice, Lost/Taggart, Charlie/Jamie, PG
Charlie's learning some home truths - and also how to apologise. Sequel to Denial.
Word Count: 1,843

Peep Show

Extenuationg Circumstances - Mark/Jeremy, R. Warning: dub-con
When Jeremy spikes Mark's lemsip and puts him to bed so he won't interrupt his mushroom party, he thinks "It's alright, it's not like I'm going to rape him. I could rape him... no, I'm not going to rape him." He doesn't, but there's stuff he could do while Mark's asleep and justify to himself it wasn't really rape...
Word Count: 2,642

Science Abuse - Peep Show, hints of Mark/Johnson and Mark/Jeremy, R
Was Mark Corrigan really the sort of middle-class, middle-rank executive who should be getting himself involved in anything that could be described as a circle jerk?
Word Count: 1000

The Philadelphia Story

Fool’s Gold - The Philadelphia Story, Mike/Dexter, G
“Dext,” Mike asks, because it’s that kind of a moment, and that kind of a night, “What does the C.K. stand for?”
Word Count: 926

Nevermore - The Philadelphia Story, Dexter/Mike, PG
Dexter thinks about his own temptations, as Mike rants about Sidney Kidd's indiscretions.
Word Count: 1,102


Management Solutions - Primeval, Lester/Connor, PG
James still couldn’t quite believe that he’d allowed Connor to stay in his flat. But there were compensations, it had to be said.
Word Count: 967

RPS - British Comedy

It's like a tepid marriage - Mitchell and Webb, David Mitchell/Jack Whitehall, David Mitchell/Robert Webb, R
David could be accused of nostalgia, it was true, but it was just a little dalliance. No harm done.
Word Count: 1,383

A Soupy Twist, RPS - Fry and Laurie, Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie, PG
There are always reasons for a breakdown - just ask Stephen Fry.
Word Count: 2,752

Stage Directions, RPS - Fry and Laurie, Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie, PG for language
Hey, keep it real. They say that all the time here. Hugh wonders if anyone other than him finds that ironic. In Hollywood.
Word Count: 2,855

That Growing and Changing Situation, David Mitchell/Robert Webb, David Mitchell/Lee Mack, PG
Rob’s picking David up after filming, but he’s not sure. There’s something wrong, if only he can put his finger on it.
Word Count: 2,560

RPS - Other

Casting Couch, Torchwood RPS, Russell T. Davies/Gareth David-Lloyd, PG-13
Gareth had done lots of auditions, but this was the most important one of his life. He’d do anything for this job. Anything at all.
Word Count: 3,623

The Servant's Master, RPS - 12th century, Henry II/Thomas Becket, PG
Thomas Becket is a true servant, so surely temptation is not a sin if his master wills it also?
Word Count: 2,074

Some Sublimer World, RPS - 19th century, Byron/Shelley, NC-17
On the banks of Lake Geneva, Byron, Shelley and their parties spend the summer of 1816. At least one result of the trip is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. But what causes might there have been, to start her writing such a horrible tale? What stresses and jealousies? And what kind of love did Shelley and Byron discover in themselves?
Word Count: 6,345


Best Buddies, SGA RPS, Joe/David, G
The business is always like this, but David still has a hard time dealing. So does Joe.
Word Count: 1,000

Better Ways to Die, SGA RPS, Joe/David, R
“How is Jane?” asks Joe, gently, and David wants to throw something.
“Big.” He pauses. “Huge. Enormous. All-encompassing.”
Word Count: 2,804

It happens like this - SGA RPS, David/Joe, light R
"What's it like?" Joe asks, and David looks at him oddly.
"It's only kissing," he says, "Just with a man. It's no different."
Word Count: 971

Stargate Atlantis

Anxiety - SGA, PG
You are what you eat…
Word Count: 1,388

The Billionaire Who Bought Christmas, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG
Once upon a time, there was a Billionaire who hated Christmas…
Word Count: 2,912

The Blue Pineapple Widget, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG
Rodney has a new device. John thinks it's cool.
Word Count: 1,475

Concubia Nocte - SGA, McKay/OMC, McKay/Sheppard, PG
John’s upset enough when he discovers his friend, Dr Ingram, collapsed on his return to Earth, but that’s nothing compared to how disturbed he is when he learns who’s brought him home…
Word Count: 7,994

The Dread and Fear of Kings - SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG
They were used to odd happenings and sudden danger, even on Atlantis itself. A woman's voice calling John to come away? That wasn't even a blip on the scanner - until John began to listen to it.
Word Count: 8,385

Edge of Control, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG-13, 2nd in my Mensaverse AU
Every universe has different political realities to face...
Word Count: 3,138

Freedom of Choice, SGA. McKay/Sheppard, PG, 3rd in my Mensaverse AU
This crisis may have ruined years of careful planning, but John is dammned if he’s going to let Rod waste his chance.
Word Count: 1,000

Gone in 6 Seconds, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG, UST
Sometimes there’s a consolation prize…
Word Count: 2,988

Happiness is… - SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG
Word Count: 865

Justice - SGA, Gen, PG, character death
Michael kept wanting to laugh, because at least this was a decision, and he’d thought them incapable of that. He quite enjoyed being wrong.
Word Count: 1,599

A Little More Than Kin, SGA, Teyla, Gen
Teyla reflects on an old tale and what it tells her about the Lanteans and their homeworld.
Word Count: 813

Look Back in Irritation - SGA, McKay/Zelenka, PG-13
In which Radek is annoyed with Rodney. A lot. But then Rodney is a very annoying man.
Word Count: 3,385

Looking-glass, SGA, team-fic, PG, Gen
What if everything you learned really was learned from SGA?
Word Count: 3,551

No Pants, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, R
Why does Sheppard find Hermiod so weird?
Word Count: 886

Normal , SGA, Gen
Stress gets to everyone. Radek has a moment.
Word Count: 568

Puppy Love, SGA, Novak, Hermiod, Gen
Hermiod and Lindsey say goodbye.
Word Count: 741

A Requiem for Leo Szilard (The End of the Universe Remix), SGA, Ronon/Zelenka,PG
“But Rodney…” says Radek.
Word Count: 6,886

Shaping the Sky - SGA, Rodney/Ronon, NC-17
PWP. “Yes, yes, I’m entirely familiar with the concept of ‘take one for the team’ – but excuse me if I hadn’t anticipated the necessity for it here!”
Word Count: 2,783

Thule-Gesellschaft, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, R, 1st in my Mensaverse AU
What pressures might cause Rodney to become Rod? Exactly how different is the Mensa universe?
Word Count: 7,603

Ties That Bind, SGA, OMC, Gen
While trapped in the dark, a new recruit to Atlantis has an encounter with an old friend…
Word Count: 1,218

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Physicist, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, R, AU
Maybe Rodney just needs to come in from the cold.
Word Count: 3,541

The Very Secret Diaries… Atlantis Style!, SGA, crack-fic, PG
Excerpts have come to light of the innermost thoughts of selected members of the Atlantis team. You have been warned :)
Word Count: 644

Star Trek

Into the Abyss - Star Trek reboot, Gen
Someone should stay and pay tribute. Six billion vulcans died on that day. So someone does.
Word Count: 2,559


Danse Macabre, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, NC-17
A day in the very ordinary life of Ianto Jones.
Word Count: 7,640

Each Our Own Devil, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, PG
Everyone wants to be unique, wants to be loved – but Ianto has tools in his arsenal to ensure it.
Word Count: 3,352

Game, Sutekh and Match, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, John/Ianto, PG
When Jack is attacked and pieces of him are scattered around the world, he can rely on Ianto to bring him home. But can Ianto rely on John? His vortex manipulator is essential to the mission, but that’s no guarantee...
Word Count: 13,509

Get Jones, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, PG-13, Age of Steel Whoniverse AU
JACK: Ianto Jones, born August 19th 1983. Able student but not exceptional, one minor conviction for shoplifting in your teens. But what if crime had suited Ianto?
There's also a sort-of sequel: Magic Dance.
Word Count: 5,342

Made This Bed, Torchwood, Ianto/Lisa, PG-13
Ianto knows he had to save Lisa, knows he had to do anything and everything to save her. But managing a lie in Torchwood, under pressure? That was the easy part – it’s the aftermath that’s hard…
Word Count: 3,319

Men in Uniform, Torchwood, John/Ianto, mentions of Jack/Ianto, Jack/John, PG-13
Captain John has a lot of time to kill in Cardiff. At least it’s only time.
Word Count: 3,393

Ouroboros, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, Lisa/Ianto, PG-13
Ianto never gives up, and he never surrenders. Not even when he’s forgotten what he’s meant to be fighting for…
Word Count: 8,066

Perfect Faith, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, PG-13 for language
As Ianto waits in the dark, there’s only one person he can trust to save him.
Word Count: 1,002

The Perihelion Variations, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, John/Ianto, R
After Tosh and Owen's deaths, Jack finally thinks that the team is beginning to recover, but he might be speaking too soon. Meanwhile, in the future, Ianto has discovered why the twenty first century is when it all changes...
Word Count: 28,062

Que Samsara Sera, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, R
‘When all desire has vanished, a person will not be reborn anymore.’ Jack may be immortal, but Ianto Jones is nothing if not resourceful. If he can help it, Jack will never be alone again.
Word count: 8,738

Small Things, Torchwood, Gwen, Ianto, Gen
In the aftermath of Flat Holm, Ianto reminds Gwen that it’s the little things that keep us human.
Word Count: 1,928

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, Torchwood, Jack/John, PG
CAPTAIN JACK: 'Had 'em for breakfast. Only source of pre-cooked food protein after the asteroid crashed. Long story.'
Word Count: 1,896

Wag the Dog, Torchwood, Captain John/Captain Jack (implied), Captain John/Blowfish, PG-13
Captain John Hart hangs around Cardiff. Well. Someone has to.
Word Count: 1,000


Keep It Simple - Traders/Thoughtcrimes, Brendan/Grant, PG13
When a mercenary army turns terrorist, the NSA are called in to investigate. But it’s just another job for Agent Brendan Dean and his partner Freya, because, after all – what could possibly happen to them in Canada?
Word Count: 8,884

Man’s Best Friend, Traders, Grant/Jack, G
Just your average lazy Saturday morning in the D’Arby-Larkin-Jansky household…
Word Count: 1,050

White Rabbit - SGA/Traders, McShep preslash, PG,
A slightly odd derivatives trader drives all his colleagues wild when he introduces them to his pal, John. John is a 6’ 2” Colonel in the US Air Force. Oh yes, and he’s also invisible.
Word Count: 8,866


Old Glory - X-Men, Cyclops/Gambit, PG
After the Event, Scott isn’t really Cyclops any more, and Remy isn’t Gambit. But they might find something else - even standing in the wreckage, something might still be saved.
Word Count: 3,331
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