Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Everyone's mentioning it, but just in case you haven't heard yet...

The BBC has just announced this.

A don't know how I feel. It was to be expected, I think, but I've been expecting it so long, I'd almost assumed it wasn't going to happen yet.

I don't who I want next either. I mean RTD has mentioned wanting Russell Tovey, and he'd be fantastic, but he's a bit young, and to do it he'd have to stop doing Being Human - and I *love* Being Human.

Anway, it's not going to be RTDs choice - It's going to be Steven Moffat's choice, which is a little more concerning. Although mainly because I *really* don't want it to be James Nesbitt. Oh, please, any higher powers listening or caring - please not James Nesbitt, he's too creepy and about as sexy as my trainers. He makes my skin crawl...

Mind you, there's always Jack Davenport - he'd do. I wouldn't kick him out of the TARDIS :)
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