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24 October 2008 @ 01:16 pm
Ivanov with Kenneth Branagh  
Goodness, that was a strange experience. I’ve never laughed at Chekhov before! It was really fun, really entertaining. Hysterical in places. That must be Tom Stoppard’s new adaptation – roll on more adaptations from him. Apparently Chekhov makes them die laughing in Russia, and up to now translations haven’t managed to convey the humour. Who would have thought! I thoroughly recommend this production, as you might imagine, it being Ken Branagh. But also for the comedy. Wow, that feels odd.

Spoilers for the play

EDIT: Nearly forgot to say! I also had a random encounter at Ivanov. In the interval, I ended up eating my icecream right next to Michael Caine! I must say, everyone was very professional and no-one bothered him, which I thought was lovely.

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