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This was a con for Torchwood fans in Northampton - it was run by Showmasters and I have to say was one of the best run cons I've ever been to.

These are going to be highlights, because there was so much! So many cool things! Go look over at purplephoenix03's lj, her reports will be massive and detailed and with much pictureness.

First there were great guests: Gareth and John and Kai and Naoko, plus Antony Lewis (Tommy) and a random assortment of weevils and body doubles. They were all lovely.

Second there was more gay kissing than even Torchwood has ever seen! :) All the boys snogged one another at some point through the weekend, I couldn't speak from laughing, particularly from the skit on Saturday night in which a 'gaylien' infects Rhys and the others have to hunt him down (and snog him senseless). Gareth got the full-on romantic dip from John.

Oh yes, and on Sunday Gareth and Kai took their trousers off (to show off their legs) - I despair of these lads, they're shameless. I'm so glad :)

News to make me squee: Being Human has started filming and Paul Casey is working on it as a creature he’s really pleased with. He wouldn't though, even when I was down on bended knee, reveal who was playing the vampire, since rumour has it that Guy Flanagan is not doing it.

Antony Lewis remembered us from Dragoncon, and he introduced me and gwene to his girlfriend. (She seemed very bemused :) As he was saying hi, Gareth leant over from the next table and shouted that we were both sexual deviants! I was so happy! Being insulted by Gareth means he actually likes you!

On Sunday I won one of the places for the Intimate Encounter (basically a Kaffeeklatch) with Gareth, and he was opposite me – I don't know if it was just because I was a relatively familiar face, but he kept looking at me. He'd start with the person who asked the question, and then swing back and talk at me again. That was nice.

I didn't win the auction for the dinner, but that's just as well really, I think. It was a lot of money, and because I *nearly* won it, the lasses who did win kindly told me lots of things about it, what he said and so on.

I could go on, I really should - but there was so much good stuff! All the fangirls, by the way, all of you that I met - OMG you were all so brilliant! Thank you, for an absolutely fantastic weekend!

EDIT: Oh yes, how could I forget the massive Hamlet geek-out I had with Jen from Torchwood mag's significant other. That was so much fun! And she wrote some stuff down too OMG, potentially to be used!
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