Valderys (valderys) wrote,

A Nice Thing That Made Me Happy

So, last night, I was sent Guy Harrington's album (for free, peeps - his publicist is so cool!) because I've helped them out by testing the UK iTunes site for them, and letting them know that Amazon UK still hasn't got the album available and other stuff like that.

Guy Harrington is the bassist for World Without Sundays, before they broke up, if that helps. I loved their music, and Guy's solo album is sort of similar, except his singing is slightly deeper, and I think he's a bit more pop-y, although not being a music expert, I might be wrong.

Kim (the publicist) complimented me on my persistence in the face of intransigent websites :) I had to download Skype to be sent the files, but Skype is a useful tool in its own right, so no worries there. She said she'd let me know if Guy has a UK gig too, which would be *so cool*!

So you see? It's not just obscure Welsh bands that I follow obsessively :)
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