Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Que Samsara, Sera, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto (R)

Title: Que Samsara, Sera
Author: valderys
Recipient: wicca_faith_fi
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Copyright for Torchwood and its characters belongs to the BBC, but I claim transformative use for them in this fic
Warnings/Spoilers: Temporary character death, and canon death. General spoilers for TW season 2, but nothing too specific. A bit angsty, but not rip-out-your-guts level :)
Word Count: 8,738
Beta: smirnoffmule
Notes: Finally! This has been out there for a month, but I couldn't do anything about it until the challenge ended - that was far more frustrating than I expected :)
Summary: ‘When all desire has vanished, a person will not be reborn anymore.’ Jack may be immortal, but Ianto Jones is nothing if not resourceful. If he can help it, Jack will never be alone again.

Que Samsara, Sera
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