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10 September 2006 @ 10:26 pm
SGA: McKay and Mrs Miller  
Ok, I'm just reading all the squee about it now, and yes, I have to agree with everyone - it is indeed awesomeness of the highest order! *grin* But is it a very silly thing to feel the love the most for the fact that Jeannie calls him 'Mer'? As I'm sure mostly people know, my favourite hobbit is Merry - and now my favourite geek, Rodney, is actually a 'Mer'. I just want to squish them both in a utter hug of awesome :)

I hope that the above isn't spoiler-y - oh well, comments will soon tell me, I suppose.

* Meredith!!! Yes, I know I've mentioned it, but still. Meredith!! I love the name Meredith. I hope Rodney wants to use it when he's all old and distinguished and professorish. And John will snort from his armchair, and roll his eyes. But I don't care. It suits him, it does!

* Golf, John? Golf? Has Joe recently taken it up, do we think? Given that the skateboard has osmosed between them, and that Joe Flanigan and John Sheppard appear to be considerably closer to each other than just the one being played by the other... Also? No fair! I wanted to *see* Rod adjust John's hook shot. *pout* *thwarted perving*

* No Carson! Yay! Someone else pointed this out, and when I thought about it, I realised I was quite pleased. Carson really does make me quite uncomfortable these days.

* Sweet team bits, but still more of the high-school-ish embarrassment factor stuff. It drives me nuts. I know Rodney doesn't have the option, but if I was in a work environment where I had to suffer this kind of teasing, I'd be bloody well looking for a new job. (I know, I actually am getting a bit of this myself in work, currently, and am contemplating it) As a kid in high school (or equivalent) you have to put up with it, as an adult, you *really* don't. Am I just hyper-sensitive to this kind of thing? Possibly :)

* I liked Teyla's comment about Rod correcting her Athosian history too much. I know she was saying it to make Rodney (Mer!) feel better, but given his attempt to correct Sheppard's golfing stance, it's not beyond belief that she was quite right about that aspect of Rod's character. Has Teyla actually ever told a lie? As opposed to an exaggeration? Not sure.

* Speaking of stances (we were, I tell you! :) Do I have to say how much I loved the shippy stuff? Rodney pacing around John's quarters *without even need to look where he's going*! He's done that a lot, you can tell. And John just calmly cleaning his clubs with a toothbrush. The toothbrush he obviously doesn't use here, because *he must spend all his time in Rodney's room*! Which also explains the lack of sheets, which was also pointed out by someone else, and made me waggle my eyebrows in glee :)

* Zelenka - more awesome! Although, in many ways, not enough of the awesome. I want character development for Radek, dammit, not just geek montage, and a comment on Rodney's button-pushing fixation!!

* Rod: DH with extra hotness :) New relaxed Rodney, with designer jacket-type skillz. What's not to like! (The chance to meet Know-it-all Mensa John, maybe? With glasses, that he has to push up his nose? That Rod takes off and says - why Miss Jones, you're beautiful - before collapsing into a fit of giggles? I should write this, shouldn't I? This ep was *so* like a fic. Several fics. I was hyper-ventlating trying not to laugh too loud :)

* I've read some bits of commentry to the effect that people are concerned the SGC hadn't sent the massages from Letters from Pegasus' on to the families. I must admit this doesn't bother me - I bet SGC had to wait to find out what happened to them all before doing that, and then once they did, they didn't need to send them on. I expect those poor peeps who actually died had their messages sent on, but I bet anyone else had them saved by SGC, so as not to scare the families in question, with no need.

Reading that last paragraph back though, I think my grammar is beginning to deteriorate, so I am going to stop now :) Suffice to say this is my favourite episode so far this season, pushing Sateda down into second place, with Common Ground as a close third. I loved it. It was of the Awesome. Yay!!
auntiemeesh: butchsundance - orchidiconsauntiemeesh on September 11th, 2006 02:26 am (UTC)
I'm totally loving on this episode. I laughed so hard when Jeanie called him Meredith, although it was a little odd to hear him called Mer since that's my nickname.

As I'm sure mostly people know, my favourite hobbit is Merry - and now my favourite geek, Rodney, is actually a 'Mer'.

I felt the same way in Farscape, when Crichton started calling Chiana 'Pip' since Pippin is my favorite hobbit, lol.

That scene in Sheppard's bedroom really was just so nice and tasty. Whether you look at it through friendship or slash goggles (and I switch back and forth frequently) it gives a lovely confirmation of their comfort with each other. And I noticed the bare bed as well, although I thought it had sheets, just no blankets. Still, clearly not a bed that he actually sleeps on, ever.

I get all these random picky thoughts, though. Like, Sheppard must go through the golf balls like candy if he's sending them off, irretrievably into the ocean. I wonder how much room is allotted on Daedalus runs for his toys, and what the SGC people make of his requisitions.

I have to admit, I wasn't entirely loving Rod. He was too much Sheppard, and Sheppard superimposed over Rodney is sort of ... icky, and I'm apparently the only person in the entire fandom who didn't love him in the leather.
Valderys: Sheppard - Hey Rodney!valderys on September 12th, 2006 12:22 am (UTC)
This is possibly, in thinking more about it, my favourite episode ever - beating out such favourites as Grace Under Pressure and Hot Zone. There were *so many* cool bits!

Re the golf balls - I have this fun little notion of a little underwater 'bot zipping about catching and returning the balls to Atlantis. Or Atlantis herself having an Ancient glowy retrieval system of some sort, and John goes back to his room (the one he clearly doesn't sleep in :) and finding a refilled bucket of balls by his bed every night, like magic...

I loved Rod in the leather, but know what you mean about his attitudes. I think he was a little smug. I think DH has a hard time playing 'cool' - he's a great actor, but I think 'cool' is something he's never played well. (Not that there's many instances of it, to be fair - maybe that 1980's clip where he's a gang leader?)
Creepy Mustache: adorkablearby_m on September 11th, 2006 07:39 pm (UTC)
more of the high-school-ish embarrassment factor stuff

Yeah, that bothered me too, for two reasons: 1) it seemed like more McKay-mocking by the writers, which is really self-mocking as we know (they have self-identified with McKay in interviews) but nonetheless just seems, I don't know, unnecessarily cruel; and 2) even though we see from the end bit that Team McShep ♥ OUR Rodney, I really didn't like the fact that they now have this ammunition against him. The guy's insecure enough without his own team making fun of him.

And yeah, I'm sensitive to this, having been mocked throughout childhood by my step-brothers, kids at camp & school, etc. I would think that the writers would GET IT, but I guess not.

PS - here by way of the newsletter, FYI.
Valderys: Sheppard - Hey Rodney!valderys on September 12th, 2006 12:27 am (UTC)
Actually, I don't think the team mocks him with *enough* love. I have lots of friends whose main form of bonding is with mockery. But that is usually mockery *with* the object in question, not at him - and I'm not altogether sure that's actually the case here.

I actually think they haven't allowed Rodney to be enough of a genius this series so far - if he saves all their lives again they might just remember exactly why they do love him! :)