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23 August 2008 @ 08:40 pm
Oh show...  
A fantastic thing, the latest SGA. David Hewlett really blows you away. And they've just been cancelled. *sigh*

There's been lots of squee already about all the great McShep chemistry, and it was, it was lovely. But you know what I loved most about the scene on the pier? - the way that Rodney was being genuinely nice, and the way that he flipped back to being *McKay* when he was in the Shrine. I thought that was a fantastic peice of acting. And when I think back to Rod, and how creepy he was, and how *different* again. Well. I bloody hope it won't be long before Starcrossed is greenlit.

Oh yes. And I cried nearly all the way through. Never done that before, not for SGA. But that was it, of course, I was crying for SGA really, as much as for Rodney... Maybe the timing on the news was designed that way, to give the whole of fandom a catharsis.
larlar1000 on August 23rd, 2008 09:16 pm (UTC)
I'll be...
I had missed the news and the announcement. The first I had heard about it was your post. I think it makes last nights episode even more bitter sweet. I was in complete awe of David Hewlitt's acting ability once again.

Dang and I just found it this summer. Oh well, I had a month long marathon and watched all four seasons and then started this season watching on TV religiously. I have to be at home on Friday nights when it airs.

Bah! As long as they give us the promised movie!!!!