Valderys (valderys) wrote,

SGA gone...

...And it sucks. I'm not surprised by the cancellation, I've thought for a while now that they'd probably get five years and that would be it. In fact, the eps have not gripped me so much lately anyway, my new shiny is Torchwood, but that is not the point. This is the first show that I've seriously followed in a fannish way that has been cancelled on me like this, since Blake's 7 back in 1981. Ok, it's not as bad as that - name me a finale that is :) - but I'm surprised to find in myself an echo of the anguish my 12-year-old self felt. I suppose, at least it's not ruined Christmas this time. I think it's just the unexpected depression. I was expecting the cancellation, as I say, so I'm not surprised by that, just more by my own feelings. And I *do* hope the actors will be all right. Oh SGA...

I'll never get to a Creation Con now. I'll never get to touch that gate.
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